Google Glass Bans Pornographic and Facial Recognition Apps

Google Glass Bans Pornographic and Facial Recognition Apps

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Google Glass has been dominating tech news for a while now but even more so these past couple days as Google has been making additions to developer policies, the most recent being to ban pornographic material and facial recognition programs. The glasses aren't even available to the general public yet, with a vague release either later this year or early 2014, and people are already angry over what they can or can't do with the luxury gadget.
 Google Glass Bans Pornographic and Facial Recognition
The very first porn app for Google Glass was announced on Monday and according to CNN, Google has now changed their developer policies so the app will have to make some serious changes to survive. Released by MiKandi, the app enables you to look at pornographic pictures and watch videos filmed using Google Glass, upgrading the first-person point of view to one-on-one interactions between people who have the tech toy. Now that Google has nixed sexually explicit material (as well as anything promoting hate speech, child pornography, gambling, and gratuitous violence), the MiKandi app will have to be significantly reworked to move forward.

"Our policies make it clear that Glass does not allow Glassware content that contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material. Any Glassware that violates this policy will be blocked from appearing on Glass," a Google spokesperson said.  Google Glass Bans Pornographic and Facial Recognition
Wearing the futuristic Glass is basically like wearing a smart phone on your face. With the display screen that's hooked up to Wi-Fi you can take photos, record video, browse the internet, see driving directions, and send texts — all using voice commands. Whether people will actually want this is still up in the air. Some have rejected Glass based on privacy concerns, since they will allow the wearer to record footage easier than they would with a cell phone. According to The Guardian, Google also banned services and apps that allow for facial recognition after an American company came out with a program that could recognize celebrities. While Google can remotely kill any apps it wants or force software updates that could render an app useless, many see the ban as merely symbolic because facial recognition providers can change their programs to meet any standards Google puts out, forcing them to write a whole new blocking update.  Google Glass Bans Pornographic and Facial Recognition
The fate of Google Glass remains to be seen, but no one can deny how cool it would be to record moments of your life from your very own eyes. That said, it may be a while before you can get your hands on a pair of the $1,500 Glass, so you'll just have to record your grandmother's birthday the old fashioned way — your smart phone.

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