Feb. 10th, 2011

$7,000 Toilet Makes Big Splash in Luxury Baths

Move over supercars and smart-phones-make way for high-tech toilets!

Regio toilets by Inax uses energy-saving and built-in comfort features that make it a commode of majestic proportions.

Its innovative functions include a fully automatic and heated toilet seat, a warm-air dryer, and an automatic flushing system.

There is even a built-in soft light that is visible in the dark. The toilet provides a totally hands-free experience in usage. As a user approaches, a sensor activates the lid, which then automatically rises in anticipation of being occupied. It is at this juncture that soft music emits from the commode's sound module to create a relaxing setting. When a user steps away, the toilet automatically flushes and deodorizes the bathroom. The deodorizer actually starts when the music begins playing.

The Regio does more than deodorize automatically. It also incorporates a cleansing system that is both soothing to the touch and hygienically superior to manual alternatives. There are two nozzles with mild and strong cleaning settings, as well as a massaging option.

Its dual-flush mechanism makes it ecologically correct too, as water consumption is reduced per flush by as much as 40 percent. There are two Regio toilet bowls available. Per the manufacturer's website, the retail price of the black model is $7,350. The white unit is priced at $5,900, despite having the same features. A line of advanced toilet seats ($850) also are available.

Inax also does full-bath design solutions. Visit the Inax Design Gallery on the company's website at

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