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Best Luxury Bathroom Brands
Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


Currently available in 250 showrooms across North America and the Caribbean, Wetstyle features a line of bathtub products with bold, original and unique designs. Wetstyle's bathtubs and lavs are exclusively made out of eco-friendly natural stone materials while its furniture is hand-selected from sustainable hardwoods.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


For over 130 years, Kohler has been perfecting the bathing experience, fine-tuning their offering to deliver exactly what you desire. Kohler's engineers and designers study the movement of water and its effects on the body to develop elegant, stylish products that provide unparalleled immersion experiences with real benefits. As a result, they've created five distinct technologies designed to shape and move water and air, even sound, over and around your body. These technologies deliver completely unique and satisfying bathing experiences - just a handful of the many reasons why Kohler continues to be a global leader in bathing.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


In the 25 years that Aquabrass has been designing interiors for homes, it has been committed to the pursuit of excellence. Focused specifically on products that deal with water, Aquabrass takes style up a notch. Not only do their products help to make your home more beautiful, but they make it more comfortable, too.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


It doesn't get a lot more extraordinary than AXOR. This brand is all about individuality and expressing your personality in your home. Designed by a host of world famous architects and designers, AXOR brings innovative and unique features to your bathroom experience. Since 1901, Hansgrohe and AXOR have prided themselves on being at the cutting edge of design when it comes to these personal home fixtures.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


An idea that began in 1977 is now to transform the bathing experience into not only a modern and private oasis but a relaxing, healthy and new dimension. It's main mission is to promote health by its natural science, material, technology, design, physics and anthropology.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands

Samuel Heath

Attention to detail is the calling card of Samuel Heath products. Each and every piece is manufactured in the United Kingdom to ensure maximum control over the production process. 80 percent of the company's raw materials come from 80 percent recycled matter, making its products both ethical and beautiful. British craftsmanship lies at the heart of what makes Samuel Heath one of the best bathroom brands out there.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands

Lefroy Brooks

One of the leading bathroom fixture brands in the luxury sector, Lefroy Brooks has oft been referred to as the 'Rolls Royce' of plumbing fixtures. Every piece created by the brand is based upon classics and done with extensive research about which details from every era create the best fixtures for modern day. As fixtures go, this brand produces pieces that can be considered immediate classics.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


It doesn't get a lot more unique than GRAFF. Their gorgeous appliances are known the world 'round for making time spent in the shower a real experience. Since the 1970s, GRAFF has consistently been an international player due to their commitment to excellent craftsmanship and dedication to high quality designs.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


Gessi carries high levels of technology, a low environmental impact and a high product quality. This Italian product is now distributed all over the world while keeping the "Made in Italy" philosophy. Gessi's mission is to make life more pleasant with extraordinary products that represent beauty and functionality both at the same time. All the architectural elements like the lighting systems, designer pieces and building materials are a unique blend into the surrounding environment which gives a warm and welcoming touch.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


Dornbracht has evolved from a family firm established several decades ago into the market leader for high-quality bathroom fittings and accessories. Quality, functionality and good design are the cornerstones of the corporate philosophy that suitably encapsulates Dornbracht's aspirations. Aspirations that have brought the company notable successes and serve as a daily challenge. Dornbracht celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2000 and now enjoys the position of market leader in many countries worldwide. Their product range also includes fittings and accessories for kitchens, as well as Dornbracht Interiors, a series of exclusive designer furniture and accessories.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands

Perrin & Rowe

Perrin & Rowe is an English brand that carries weight in the luxury sector due to its promise of a durable, high quality product that is always valuable to the consumer. This brand consistently sources the highest quality raw materials for its products, in addition to manufacturing every piece in the UK. Each product is assembled by hand and meticulously tested, ensuring a beautifully crafted and individual product every time.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands


Toto is the world's largest plumbing products manufacturer. The company offers a complete line of commercial and decorative plumbing fixtures and fittings, faucets, accessories, shower and flush valves, as well as lavatories, toilets, Air Baths and urinals. More than 1,500 TOTO engineers and their colleagues are committed to achieving the seamless integration of performance, conservation, technology, and innovation. The state-of-the-art plant in Morrow, Georgia is a testament to conservation and quality control. For example, Toto recycles the water used as well as thoroughly treating it before returning it to the county. From their molding process to the final changes, Toto products are constructed and fine-tuned with computer precision and relentless attention to detail. The company's pursuit of excellence pushes them beyond industry standards and drives them to maintain their reputation as one of the most decorated plumbing manufacturers in the world.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands

Stone Forest

Stone Forest creates hand carved granite sculptures which combine the elegant simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design. The integrity of granite gives Stone Forest carvings a radiant mass or presence not realized using man-made materials such as cement or cast stone. Since each piece is hand carved using hammer and chisel, the individual character of the rock as well as the inspiration of the stonecutter lend each sculpture a unique quality. In a world of impermanence, the timelessness of hand carved granite can bring a suggestion of eternity to your home or garden. Stone Forest is the producer of all their own designs as well as many traditional Japanese designs. The company personally inspects and guarantees all of their work to be the finest carvings available in North America. Other companies offering stone products cannot do this because they buy from importers and never see the product that you receive.

Best Luxury Bathroom Brands

THG Paris

THG, which stands for the house of Tetard-Haudiquez-Grison is the epitome of French luxury. Known the world over for their specialized, unique bathroom faucets and accessories, THG never fails to express ultimate aesthetic beauty. Crystal applique faucet fixtures are this brand's calling card, making every bathroom they are featured in more elegant as a result.