Solar Innovations Add Eco-Friendly Element to Homes and Businesses

Photo Courtesy of Solar Innovations
Solar Innovations is among the top manufacturers of custom-made proprietary extrusions in the world. The company has more ways to enhance a residential or a commercial property with the addition of a conservatory, a greenhouse or a sunroom.

The company also builds additions to existing structures as well as freestanding pieces. For an example, a sunroom, which is constructed from aluminum frames, could be built as an addition to a house or as an independent building. It could be customized to resemble a conservatory with exotic wood interiors made with pine, cedar and mahogany. Most of SI's extrusions and extensions feature virtually maintenance-free aluminum exteriors that are thermally isolated to withstand nearly all climate conditions.

How about a pool or a spa under glass and operational in the middle of winter? Swimming pools and spas can be used year round with a thermally enhanced custom enclosure. All enclosures are one-off designs that can be further enhanced with folding glass walls, sliding glass doors and retractable roof panels.

A greenhouse built by Solar Innovations could be a simple or a complex construction. While a passive greenhouse is more like a protected garden, an elaborate system could include both misting and shading systems along with numerous decorative options. Skylights are another specialty of the innovative designers of proprietary extrusions and extensions.

All of the firm's designs are offered in nine standard colors. There is even an "orphaned" section on the company website that offers deeply discounted, finished pieces for sale. So, there is a possibility to find a hidden treasure as well.

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