Richard Branson's Rotating Virgin Buildings Seem Too Awesome To Be True

virgin buildings, richard branson, virgin

Photos Courtesy of Virgin

Anytime April Fools' Day is on the horizon, we're a little wary of Virgin — that Richard Branson is a tricky one — but the introduction of Virgin Buildings seems so cool that we're crossing our fingers that it's real. After all, it's not quite April 1st in the UK yet. 


Calling it "n new generation of ultra-green skyscrapers," the buildings (the main one looking like a rocket ship sitting on top of a tower) will feature renewable and recycled materials. Water will be 100 percent recycled and collected, used not only for drinking, but to also cool and heat the structure, while vertical gardens will be growing all of the food in the buildings. 

virgin buildings, richard branson, virgin

Okay, so here's the crazy part. According to Branson, the building will be able to rotate to follow the sun. "The building itself can turn, or the floor can turn, in order to face the sun. To either generate energy from the sun or to heat a particular floor or heat the whole building," says Branson. The concept isn't entirely new, as a similar design is planned for Dubai's Dynamic Tower, but the moevement doesn't stop there. Walls will also be able to move around easily, allowing you to manipulate floor plans whenever you feel like it. Branson also wants to put one of these buildings on the moon, which will obviously be a hotel.

The further you get into the video, the more likely that this is an April Fools' Day joke. It’s such a cool idea though that we're really hoping somewhere down the line, Branson makes it happen!

virgin buildings, richard branson, virgin

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