Win "Favorite Child" Title On Mother's Day With Agraria TasselAire and Bath Salts

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Photo Courtesy of Agraria

It's officially May and that means that Mother's Day is going to be coming up fast. Instead of scrambling for a last minute gift — trust us, she'll know — get something ahead of time. Agraria is one of our go-to companies for pure aromas and fantastic packaging, and their TasselAire ($35) perfumed tassels have become our new must-have. Get mom a couple of them (in complementary scents if you want) and she can hang them throughout her home for a lasting fragerance — they come with a bottle of essential oil that you drip onto the core underneath the fringe. While they can be hung from a door knob or closet hook, the tassels look especially cool attached to a key for an armoire or grandfather clock. Pair the tassels with Agraria's special custom-built 40th Anniversary Bitter Orange Gazebo Candle ($325), made with finished alder wood and their traditional woven cane. Round the gift out with their two-pound decorative box of Lemon Verbena Bath Salts (which comes with a scallop shell used for scooping; $45) and you can officially start calling yourself the "favorite child." 

Mila Pantovich

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