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Sunny Isles Icon Acqualina Showcases Exciting & Lavish New Project


Photo Credit: The Estates at Acqualina

Four years ago, JustLuxe reported on an exciting luxury real estate development adjacent to Acqualina Resort & Spa. It was called The Mansions, and was a new build in a large oceanfront lot directly adjacent to the hotel. While still in early construction, it had a clear-cut destiny, according to the owner/developers: To be the world’s finest resort. This project would expand on the successful hotel that they’d already built and operated for six years, creating a whole much greater than the sum of two properties.

Four years later, The Mansions is a smashing success. Owners Jules and Stephanie Trump (the “other Trumps,” as locals call them, and no relation to The Donald), together with CEO Deborah Yager Fleming, created a product that surpassed all expectations, and they did so right on schedule. More than that, they created “a lifestyle that’s extraordinary,” on an idyllic piece of North Miami beachfront called Sunny Isles. “People were blown away by the extent to which we over-delivered,” says Jules Trump. And so, it’s on to the next chapter. South Florida—and the international luxury real estate market—prepare to welcome The Estates at Acqualina.

Photo Credit: The Estates at Acqualina

The Estates will continue the Mansions’ basic formula of providing super-luxe amenities, sumptuous yet tasteful décor, and extremely personable service. At the existing two connected highrises, here’s what that looks like: A veritable fleet of Rolls-Royces is stationed at the valet (a rental program is offered, though most homeowners own a Rolls or two, as well). Every resident of the Mansions has their own humidor, all located in a glass-walled humidor room on the amenity floor. The Mansions also has a game room with a Formula One simulator, and a movie theater with popcorn service.

The private residences feature ventless fireplaces, state-of-the art Miele appliances, balcony hot tubs, and countless other details. Imported marble and stone are carefully selected, and buyers can choose from a few different “palettes” the finishes and flooring they like best. Acqualina’s team then finishes the home to the buyer’s specifications. One other perk: homes are pre-wired for audio.

Photo Credit: The Estates at Acqualina

The Estates will improve on the Mansions’ features even in the most basic floor plan. Kitchens will come with La Cornue range stoves—a professional chef’s choice, retailing at $40,000.  They’ll also have built-in Enomatic wine dispensers for easy entertaining. As if one magnificent kitchen isn’t enough, most units will have outdoor kitchens on the balcony—around the corner from the hot tub. Rain showers with mist and mood lighting, Finnish-style saunas, plunge pools and other elements usually seen in condominium common spaces will be the norm in these residences.

The planned common areas are getting all the early hype, though: The ice skating rink looking out to the ocean; the Flow Rider wave pool; the bowling alley; the Wall Street “traders' room” featuring wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling real-time stock displays beamed in from international trading floors, so that finance professionals can view the action on screens 30 times larger than their laptops.

Photo Credit: The Estates at Acqualina

And yet, the most stunning thing about this property, just like its sister's, is the beach. The beautiful white sand beach, the crystalline aqua ocean—and ample rolling green lawns to contrast. Acqualina’s signature cherry-red beach furniture complements the palette. In sunlight, the colors sparkle like precious gemstones.“Scenically, there is nothing else like this beach,” says Jules Trump. “Sunny Isles is a well kept secret of only one mile—and we own 10% of Sunny Isles’ beachfront.”

It was part of the Trumps’ grand design to allow a huge amount of space for landscaping between the beach and the buildings. This creates a “seamless flow” aesthetic, unlike with other oceanfront highrises that are smack-up against the sand, literally overshadowing it. “We’ve been able to create an entire world,” says Trump. That jewel-like world started as five acres, and is now up to 13. The Estates will add two more towers and three acres of beautiful beachfront park, with 1200 feet of manicured lawn running along that white sand. “It will be the best garden on the beach,” its owner promises. Best in Miami? Or best in the world? Either way, based on Acqualina’s past successes, we believe it.

Lena Katz

Lena Katz is the author of the Travel Temptations series (SIP, SUN, SNOW), published by Globe Pequot Press in 2009. Lena is also a travel expert for Celebrations/1800FLOWERS and WEtv (online and on-air). She contributes to the South China Morning Post and ABC News online. Lena is a former Orbitz Travel blogger and former columnist for the LA Times. She's been published in Brides Magazine, Robb Rep...(Read More)

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