British Men's Style Star Hackett Offers Bespoke Cooper Bicycles and Gear Collection

BY : Jared Paul Stern | 2014

Hackett London, bastion of bespoke British men’s style, has teamed up with Cooper Bikes of Mini Cooper fame on an exclusive new collection of bicycles and stylish biking gear. The pair of bikes and accompanying accessories are designed to...


First Curved-Coin Minted by U.S. Mint Celebrates National Baseball Hall of Fame

BY : James Rothaar | 2014

For years baseball has been regarded as America’s favorite pastime and has long since attracted die-hard fans. The sport that introduced us to the curve ball will soon have matching curved coins, sure to be an immediate collector's item....


Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak Tent Wants to Protect You From High Winds

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BY : JustLuxe Team | 2014

Once the weather starts warming up, many people start planning camping adventures in beautiful new spots — preferably by a river with an attractive survivalist by your side. You're probably going to need a new tent though and while at first glance this model may not seem the most luxurious, it's huge. A lot of people think of camping as being crammed in a tiny tent with no room to even stand, but the 13'x27' Cabela's Ultimate Alaknak Tent is definitely not that tent. Sure, you could fit 11 people in here, but why would you? Maybe take one or two people and make this into your own personal haven in the woods. Plus, it has several user-friendly features to keep you safe. For example, There's a zippered panel on the floor so you can use a stove inside, and the stove jack is covered by a storm flap (which rolls down to avoid making contact with the piping so it won't melt the material). On the roof of the tent there is a panel protector surrounding the little stove chimney, protecting the tent from any hot embers that may drift down — which is pretty important, considering you don't want your camping adventure to go down in flames.

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$1M Exclusive Formula 1 Book Comes With All-Access Season Pass to Live Like Bernie Ecclestone

BY : Noah Joseph | 2014

Nothing in Formula 1 racing comes cheap. The tickets are expensive, the teams have enormous multi-million-dollar budgets, the cars themselves cost millions to develop and the drivers regularly rank among the highest-paid sportsmen in the world....


Krōm Premi?re Brings "The Next Evolution of Billiard Balls" to Kickstarter

BY : Mila Pantovich | 2014

Offering what they're calling "the next evolution of billiard balls," Krōm Première has brought their chrome Founder's Edition set to Kickstarter. Designed by Pierre Deveaux (the inventor and founder of Krōm),...


Cartier, Ralph Lauren, Deutsche Bank & BMW to Face Off at 30th Anniversary of Polo World Cup On Snow in St. Moritz

BY : Jared Paul Stern | 2014

From January 30 to February 2, four top-drawer teams will compete in the 30th Polo World Cup On Snow in the ritzy Swiss resort town of St. Moritz. The world's first, most prominent and only high-goal winter polo tournament will celebrate three...


Lavishly Illustrated New Coffee Table Book Celebrates a Century of the Rich and Famous in Beverly Hills

BY : Jared Paul Stern | 2014

In 1914, after failing to find oil, a group of investors decided to turn a Southern California bean field into a housing development. They named it after a place on Boston’s North Shore called Beverly Farms and threw in the word...


The Sydney Opera House Transformed Into Luxury Camper

BY : Mila Pantovich | 2014

I love camping, whether I'm in a camper or out underneath the stars. That said, I'm pretty sure my camping experience would be rocketed to new heights if I had the Opera to bunk in — especially if I were somewhere where I could show it...


Ring in the New Year of the Horse With These 8 Equestrian Accessories!

BY : Mila Pantovich | 2014

2014 is the Year of the Horse! For those who subscribe to the Chinese zodiac, this is your year to start improving yourself, as the horse is energetic, bright, smart and capable. Aretha Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Chopin, and Rembrandt are just a...


Jay Z Partners With Legendary Cigar Brand Cohiba On a New Super-Premium Cigar and Humidor Collection

BY : Jared Paul Stern | 2013

Jay Z has partnered with legendary brand Cohiba on a new super-premium collection of cigars and humidors called the Comador. The Cohiba name has been famous since it was first established in Cuba in 1966 as a limited production private brand...


"World's Most Expensive Christmas Wreath" With Over 138 Ct of Rubies & Diamonds For $4.6M

BY : Mila Pantovich | 2013

The holiday season is full of failed DIY projects, from gingerbread house disasters to Christmas tree ornaments that make your friends cock their heads in confusion (it's supposed to be Rudolph!) — it's almost like Pinterest was...


The Bugatti Veyron of Hookah Pipes Costs $100k

BY : Noah Joseph | 2013

The venerable and iconic Bugatti Veyron is nearing the end of its production cycle. Of the 450 examples to be built, Bugatti has to date made 400. That number includes all the fixed-roof coupes, leaving only fifty Grand Sport and Vitesse roadsters...

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