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Fernand Léger Art Celebrated in New Book from Assouline

Sep. 19th, 2011 | Comments 0 | Make a Comment   
Photos Courtesy of Assouline

French painter Fernand Léger gets his full due in a new luxury book from boutique publisher Assouline. The limited edition volume, part of Assouline’s Ultimate Collection, includes a carefully- curated selection of Léger's iconic pieces. Each piece is hand-glued onto the page.

The book features commentary by Kenneth E. Silver, a Professor of Modern Art at New York University, Adjunct Curator of Art at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Connecticut, and a contributing editor to Art in America magazine. Silver explores Léger’s legacy and the ways he soaked in the prevailing movements of the time, from Impressionism to Cubism and Purism, and created his own unique style, a mix of cool rationalism and witty, exuberant, ordered chaos. Many see Léger as the predecessor to Pop Art and he had great enthusiasm for all things modern. One can only wonder how he might have embraced the internet.

The bold yellow book echoes Léger’s use of bright colors and comes in a linen clamshell box decorated with a Leger illustration. The book also comes with an Assouline canvas tote bag. It sells for $650 and is available in October and can be pre-ordered from the Assouline website.




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