Richard Branson-Approved Luxury Bespoke Backgammon Boards For Game Night

Alexandra Llewellyn backgammon board

Photo Courtesy of Alexandra Llewellyn

Alexandra Llewellyn has designed and created luxury bespoke backgammon boards for some seriously wealthy clientele—even Richard Branson and Elle Macpherson—and you can get one commissioned for yourself featuring whatever imagery you want. Some past commissions include a couple who wanted to commemorate their relationship and a board that celebrated another client's Mexican roots. Of course, you can always buy a Limited Edition backgammon board, like the hand-painted design pictured above, which is called Lily and limited to just 10. Made using dark zebrano wood, the design features brass fastenings and photographic cala lily images on the inside. The weighted brass playing pieces are inlaid with mother of pearl, black glass on the top and leather on the bottom. The dice cups are rosewood and "lined with inside lips to ensure fair and random rolls of the precision laser cut dice" (which happen to be made with laurel burr). Designed for the Terrence Higgins Trust, 20 percent of each sale goes straight to the charity. 

Mila Pantovich

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