Membership Has Its Privileges at These 8 East Coast Golf Clubs

There’s no denying that feeling of ease and happiness knowing that you have a home club—a place where you can practice in peace, tee up at a moment’s notice, and host guests. The United States has over 16,000 golf courses, so there is no shortage of places to play, but having that sacred home club is not so easy to find for many players. Some residential club communities are geared more towards all-inclusive offerings with beaches, pools, dining and much more, things that appeal to the entire family. Many provide the full resort experience with specialized services and amenities, while other membership clubs are there for one reason only—golf. Fortunately, with so many offerings, there is a golf club out there that's the right fit for any player.

Along the east coast, there are resorts, communities, and clubs that provide a level of service and overall experience that caters to a group of International members who simply expect the very best. This collection provides a club for every taste, and while we admit that there are additional options certainly worthy of this list, these eight unquestionably have a lot to offer their members. Who knows? You may just find your home club—assuming you live on the east coast, that is. 

Damon M. Banks

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