Jan. 10th, 2011

Trike Motorcycles and Luxury Cars in One? Campagna V13R Has it All

Luxury Vehicles: The 2011 Campagna V13R is a trike with somewhat of an identity crisis. Is it a car with the heart of a motorcycle or vice versa? Regardless, this is a mode of transportation we think you will like a lot, because the end result is both luxurious and adventurous.

The three-wheels puts it in the bike category, while the ergonomical cockpit makes a compelling argument that this is a three-wheel automobile after all. It features the safety of a car and the dynamics of a motorcycle all in one sleek and sweet ride. It has a rigid tubular chassis and roll bars for safety purposes, as well as high and low beam headlamps, three-point safety belts and hand brakes.

The Campaga is powered by a Harley-Davidson liquid-cooled Revolution 60-degree V-twin engine and a sequential five-speed transmission. The three-wheeler stands tall at 42 inches. It is almost 79 inches wide, 139 inches long, and weighs in at 1,156 pounds. Its ground clearance is 4.5 inches.

Campagna says that there is even sufficient space to pack enough for two for a quick getaway. Pack lightly.

Source: Campagna Motors

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