Jaguar is on the Prowl with New F-TYPE Convertible Sports Coupé

Jaguar F-Type Convertible

Photo Courtesy of Jaguar
Luxury auto brand Jaguar recently unveiled their newest two-seat convertible sports car, the 2013 F-TYPE, at the Paris Motor Show. As the company's first two-seater since the iconic E-TYPE was launched more than 50 years ago, this stunning car displays a far more aggressive design than previous models but is still very recognizable as a Jaguar. Set for a Summer 2013 release, the F-TYPE features a front-engine, rear-wheel drive, and a lightweight aluminum body that allows it to reach high-performance speeds.

The company designed the F-TYPE to focus on "driver involvement and sporting performance", which is reflected in the cockpit layout that resembles a fighter plane and the SportShift selector (which controls the eight-speed transmission) that's shaped like a joystick. All of the controls are ergonomically grouped by each function, making them easy to access and use.

One neat feature is that the air vents found on the dashboard will only deploy when the driver tells them to, meaning that until you need air conditioning, the vents will stay out of sight. Without the vents constantly out, the interior line of the car won't be broken unless necessary. There's also a grab handle that "sweeps down the center console on the passenger side, delineating it from the driver's position." The handle gives the cockpit an interesting asymmetric layout and having something for your passenger to hold onto may come in handy when you speed around those perilous corners at 186 mph.
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“Jaguar is a founding member of the sports car segment with a rich sporting bloodline stretching over 75 years, and in the F-TYPE we’ve reignited that flame. The F-TYPE isn’t designed to be like anyone else’s sports car. It’s a Jaguar sports car – ultra-precise, powerful, sensual and, most of all, it feels alive," says Adrian Hallmark, Global Brand Director, Jaguar.

Over half the car is apparently made from recycled metal, reflecting Jaguar's interest in sustainability. Some of the metal even comes from the reject pieces from the manufacturing process, which is a method the company has rolled out to its suppliers. The F-TYPE is also exclusively riveted and bonded, which "emits up to 80 percent less CO2 compared to that from welding a comparable steel structure."  lana del rey jaguar
The intimate event at Musée Rodin was filled with VIP guests, including singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey, who performed a new track inspired by the sleek vehicle entitled "Burning Desire". The song was written as part of a collaboration between herself and Jaguar, will be included on her upcoming album, and will be the sound track to a short film being produced with Ridley Scott Associates.

Soon after the Paris event Autoweek awarded the roadster with their Editor's Choice Award for Best in Show. “Sleek, sexy and powerful, the F-TYPE becomes a new halo for Jaguar,” says Autoweek's Digital Editor Andrew Stoy. “Put the top down, fire up the engine - especially the supercharged 5.0-liter V8 - and all suddenly becomes right with the world. It's a car to covet for anyone with a love of sports cars.” jaguar f-type
Three engine options will be available once the F-TYPE hits the market: the standard F-TYPE 340 Hp ($69,000 with a top speed of 161 mph), the S 380 HP ($81,000 with a top speed of 171 mph), and the V8 S 495 HP ($92,000 with a top speed of 186 mph).

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  jaguar sports car
  jaguar sports car
 jaguar f-type
Jaguar F-Type Convertible


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