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Vancouver Real Estate: When it comes to luxury real estate in Western Canada, the city of Vancouver is the first location that comes to many people's minds. This city is home to some of the most exclusive residential neighborhoods to be found in the province; these communities have generally come about as a combination of convenient location, scenic views, and nearby defining development. This is the case with West Point Grey, one of the western-most of Vancouver's neighborhoods and a place where many buyers of luxury real estate have found a home to their satisfaction.

The neighborhood of West Point Grey is bordered on its north side by English Bay, an expansive body of water and an inlet of the Pacific ocean. On its other three sides, Point Grey borders the University Endowment Lands (UBC) , Kitsilano, Dunbar-Southlands and some of the city's most beautiful parks and recreational areas.

Aside from its location on the shores of English Bay, West Point Grey's appeal lies in the fact that it is the closest neighborhood to the campus of the University of British Columbia. The quick access to the school make it an ideal location for many of the faculty that work at the facility, as well as the first spot rising stars graduating from UBC are exposed to as their potential new Vancouver home.

The neighborhood of West Point Grey is also set apart in terms of prestigious Vancouver real estate because of the location of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club . Here, many of the most affluent of Point Grey's population berth their mighty vessels in between cruises, as do many of the world's most influential yachting enthusiasts.

Despite the exclusivity entailed by the prices of West Point Grey homes, the shopping amenities of the neighborhood are eclectic, and in fact some might say typically western Canadian. Although upscale boutiques house exclusive merchants, there are also shops which appeal to the middle classes. The neighborhood also includes a good mix of high end and convenient dining, as well as numerous coffee shops all within the beautifully appointed Point Grey Village. More eclectic shopping and upscale stores and restaurants are available on Dunbar Street.

Recreational opportunities near the neighborhood include the links at the Point Grey Golf Course and Country Club . This 18 hole course is marked by its proximity to the mouth of the Fraser River and the mountain vistas which serve as the backdrop for the pond and forest dotted fairways; no wonder this course has earned a reputation as one of the finest private golf courses in the area. Closest to West Point Grey is the University Golf Club (public) which is located at the entrance of the Endowment Lands a short walk from Point Grey Village. Private clubs close to the area also include the prestigious Shaughnessey Golf Club, located on Southwest Marine Drive.

Housing options in West Point Grey run a full gamut, from new luxury homes to stately old style mansions for the wealthy and the ultimate in modern luxury condominium developments. West Point Grey offers a fine expanse of semi-waterfront real estate opportunities and numerous luxury ocean view homes. It's location, bordering English Bay and sloping upwards towards Dunbar means that numerous single family homes can take advantage of view of the ocean, North Shore mountains and even downtown Vancouver. High rise condo developments are not common, but low rise penthouse options are available in the area.

The neighborhoods in close proximity to West Point Grey are also on the map when it comes to luxury real estate in Vancouver. Just south of West Point Grey lies the neighborhood of Dunbar which features many ocean view homes in the Arts & Crafts style. South of Dunbar, luxury home buyers will be enchanted to find the Southlands, a pleasantly unexpected little bit of country in the city. Mostly low-lying and bordering the mouth of the Fraser River, this area features luxury estates and homes and a decidedly country feel satisfying the equestrian pursuits of wealthy city-folk. Imposing luxury estates and mansions line Southwest Marine Drive as it curves southward towards Richmond, looking south over the ocean towards Vancouver Island.

With ocean front real estate and convenient access to some of Western Canada's most prestigious institutions, it is no wonder that luxury real estate buyers in British Columbia are attracted to the West Point Grey area.

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