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15th Century Luxury Fixer Upper Palazzo in Venice

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Luxury Real Estate: Here is an intriguing super-luxury fixer-upper with loads of upside potential located in Venice. This waterfront grandiose palazzo with its high ceilings, tall windows, and marble and stone flooring, trims, and accents is a standing tribute to its original builders. This single-family residence dates back to the 15th century, according to Sotheby’s, the property’s exclusive representatives.

There is a large mural, which evokes thoughts of 16th century master artist Michelangelo, on the ceiling of the master bedroom. The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large kitchen. Additionally, there is a lower-level studio apartment with a kitchenette and a bath for guests or staff. A roofed open-court and garden add to the allure of this Old World estate of classic renaissance architecture.

Sotheby’s describes this rich property as a “Piano Nobile 15th Century Palazzo.” Allowing room for translation, we thought that meant piano “noblemen” the likes of Ludwig von Beethoven were welcomed visitors. “Piano nobile” is the principal floor of a large house. We stand corrected. (Really, who knew that without looking it up?)

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