Frank McKinney Lists $24-million Eco-mansion, Acqua Liana

Luxury Real Estate: Admit it. What doesn’t sound farfetched, preposterous, and sophomoric about a self-made, book-writing, real estate mogul who claims to be a daredevil real estate speculator all with the flair of preening rock star? Meet my new role model, Frank McKinney, superstar real estate speculator, author, motivational speaker, and philanthropic humanitarian (cymbal crash)!

He is a stunt man, a daredevil, an entertainer, and, finally, a hugely successful developer of luxury real estate properties. For more than 20 years, he has blazed a trail as a developer and speculator of extraordinarily fabulous oceanfront estates. Despite the flashy signature-style showmanship, McKinney credits responsible stewardship as being the key to his success in all facets of life.

A Frank McKinney-engineered endeavor has on more than one occasion garnered its fair share of national attention. McKinney has performed daredevil stunts involving motorcycles, fire, and other high-flying death-defying feats to drum up business for his one-off uber-opulent properties.

Frank’s latest project is an eco-mansion of distinct Italian influence titled Acqua Liana. This is an oceanfront property on 1.6 acres with a private 150-foot waterfront and private beach in Manalapan, Fla. The property, which is priced at $24.3 million, also boats a private dock capable of mooring a 120-foot yacht. There is even a glass-bottom floor in the LEED-certified dwelling with more than 15,000 square feet of living space. It doesn’t get any closer to surreal than this one.

McKinney has been seen on Oprah, ABC’s 20/20, and numerous media outlets from TV to print to online. His successful ways have been acknowledged by the likes of Donald Trump and the Wall Street Journal.

Skip the effervescent energy drink for a day and watch one of Frank’s videos instead.

James Rothaar

As an independent contractor, James has written content for and other leading online luxury lifestyle magazines. Rothaar previously served as the senior-tenured staff writer for JustLuxe, having worked with the digital magazine since 2005. He resides in Jacksonville, Florida, and works as an independent marketing consultant and a freelance writer. James Rothaar has an MBA degree...(Read More)

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