New Luxury Narratives at the 2016 Financial Times Business Of Luxury Summit

Because we have reported on many luxury conferences in the past, our expectations of this one, the Financial Times Business Of Luxury Summit, were in the luxury business-as-usual mode. Yet the theme of this Summit was unique: New Creative Synergies. So we began to think this conference may be different from others, and it certainly was.

If there were two words to describe this meeting of luxury minds, they were cross-pollination, and cross-fertilization—of new ideas, new technology, new product and service provision. These emerging, cutting edge ideas have the propensity to change the face of luxury branding, and product purchasing. Most of the panel members were CEOs, founders, or global heads or presidents in their respective fields, which were diverse. Keynote addresses were given by Frederic Cumenal, CEO of Tiffany & Co, Michael Evans, CEO of AliBaba, Brunello Cucinelli of Brunello Cucinelli, Tony Fadell, Founder and CEO of Nest, and SVP of Google, and Robert Rubin, Co-Chairman On the Council On Foreign Relations and the Former US Treasury Secretary. And these were just a few.

Susan Kime

Susan Kime's career combines publishing, journalism and editing. She was the Destination Club/Fractional Update Editor for Elite Traveler, and senior club news correspondent for The Robb Report's Vacation Homes. Her work has been published in Stratos, Luxury Living, European CEO, The London Telegraph, Caviar Affair, ARDA Developments, and Luxist/AOL. She was the Editor-in-Chief of Travel Conno...(Read More)

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