Cruising to Camden, Maine’s Wonderful Whitehall Inn with the McLaren 570S

Apr 11, 2017  |   Contributor: Jared Paul Stern

Camden, one of the most perfect and picturesque seaside towns in Maine, is a frequent destination whenever we have a cool car to test out.

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Driving the Luxurious New McLaren 570GT in Tenerife

Jun 6, 2016  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

Driving a supercar is undoubtedly a luxury, on par with sailing in a yacht or flying in a private jet. Owning one, all the more so. But exotic as they are, supercars aren't always all that luxurious, typically focused single-mindedly on deliv

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McLaren Offers New Sports Car Finally Big Enough for Our Baggage

Feb 25, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

If there is one car we are most excited to check out at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, it is the $200,000 McLaren 570GT. The British marque will be unveiling their newest sports car that not only packs a 3.8-liter turbocharged V8 engine with 562 hp, but can reach 0-60 in just 3.4 seconds and can hit a peak speed of 204 mph. Plus, unlike others in its class, its trunk is actually big enough for some bags.

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The McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood Concept Races Into CES With Video Game-Like Steering Wheel

Jan 6, 2016  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

CES may be full of cool gadgets, but the massive technology trade show isn't just for home-based electronics, there is a lot of car tech too. In fact, today McLaren Automotive and Japanese electronics brand JVCKenwood unveiled their super cool McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood Concept, which was designed exclusively for the Las Vegas show. 

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McLaren Makes a Pebble Beach Comeback with Two One-Off 570S Coupés & (Already Sold) Limited Editions

Aug 11, 2015  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

If you’re headed to the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this weekend, you better not miss the one-off 570S Coupés from McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Considering MSO had its global launch at Pebble Beach in 2012, it makes sense that the bespoke division of McLaren is showcasing two new commissions at that very event.  

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Goodbye, Bugatti Veyron. Hello, Koenigsegg Regera! Check out the Hottest Supercars From the Geneva Motor Show

Mar 4, 2015  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

The 85th Geneva International Motor Show is giving us exactly what we really want to see this year: Supercars. With the world’s biggest auto marques showing off their latest babies, the event proves that as much as we love the tech advancements that bring driverless cars, there’s really nothing better than commanding the hottest new supercar. 

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McLaren Tortures Us With the Roar of the 675LT in New Video Clip

Feb 4, 2015  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

McLaren has launched two new videos on their YouTube channel, teasing us with their brand new 675LT supercar—which won't be officially debuted until March 3 at the 85th International Geneva Motor Show. As if the first 13-second clip wasn't bad enough (which shows a slow motion shot of the auto's back tires), the second video above is torture. This time, we get to actually hear what the powerful engine sounds like and though it barely lasts 10 seconds, it's more than enough to get us excited.

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McLaren Starts Campaign to Tease the P13 From Upcoming Sports Series

Nov 13, 2014  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

McLaren Automotive has started a new marketing campaign for their Sports Series and we're loving where this is going. The first launch film teases their upcoming automobile—given the codename P13—by focusing on a lone black feather floating through the air while a voice over tells the story of the black swan (you know, how everyone assumed all swans were white until a black one was found in Australia in 1697). You get a very brief glimpse of the car's tire at the video's five second mark, but that's it—though below is a photo of the car camouflaged.

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Listen to 35 Classic & Exotic Cars Roar to Life in Nitto Tire’s Getting Started Video

Jul 20, 2014  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Nitto Tire has created a short video that showcases their love for rare and exotic luxury cars. Called Getting Started, the mini film is 4.5-minutes long and features 34 classic autos, all roaring to life to create a soundtrack that will be music to any car aficionados' ears. Showcasing autos like the '69 Jaguar E-Type, '64 Porsche 356, and the 2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, the video really highlights each car's unique purrr. And of course, like many car ads, the video starts with a beautiful woman.

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McLaren Teases Everyone With New Supercar Set for 2016

Jun 6, 2014  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

According to Top Speed, we all have a new McLaren supercar to look forward to in 2016 and it will be better than the 650S (though not as good as the P1). Though we don't know any details, we can probably look forward to a 3.8-liter, twin-turbo M838T V8 engine — which would give the supercar 750hp.

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Speeding Through Southern Spain In McLaren's Latest Supercar, the 650S

Apr 25, 2014  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph  |  2 Comments

Most automakers in the business participate in some form of motorsport at some level. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find one that doesn't. It is, after all, a great way for an automaker to promote its brand and demonstrate its engineering prowess. For some, their involvement in racing runs deeper than it does for others, but there is a handful for whom racing is not just a mere afterthought. Instead, more than anything else, it's what the company stands for — its raison d'être. McLaren is just such a company.

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Experience High Adrenaline Speeds in a Formula 1 Racecar

Jul 31, 2013  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

While many love driving fast, there are a few of us who should stick to the speed limit — whether you're an accident-waiting-to-happen or a speeding ticket magnet. That said, if you still dream about racing off the starting line while waiting for the signal to turn green, check out the 3-Seater Formula GP Experience.... Read More

McLaren Takes the Fight to the Street with New P1

Mar 25, 2013  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

Few rivalries are as hotly contested as that of Ferrari and McLaren. The two most accomplished racing teams in the history of Formula One regularly duke it out on the grand prix circuit. No other team comes close to the dozens of championships these two brands have traded over the decades, and maybe none ever will. When McLaren came out with its first street-legal sportscars in 1992, appropriately enough called the McLaren F1, their rivalry spilled out off the racetrack and onto the street; territory Ferrari had long claimed for itself.... Read More

McLaren 12C Can-Am Edition is the Ultimate Luxury Toy

Dec 5, 2012  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph

While different people may categorize luxury automobiles in different ways, racing fans will tell you there are just two kinds: race cars and road cars. But in recent years a third category has emerged in between.... Read More

Neiman Marcus Christmas Book Features Special Edition McLaren

Oct 24, 2012  |   Contributor: Noah Joseph  |  1 Comment

Every year around this time Neimas Marcus comes out with its Christmas Book. The holiday catalog has all the silk and cashmere you could shake a lacquered mahogany stick at, but never disappoints moneyed luxury automotive aficionados.... Read More

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