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Out of this world

So your dream of becoming an astronaut didn't work out. That's not such a bad thing given NASA's track record. Leave it to Richard Branson, the tycoon behind Virgin Galactic, to carve out an entirely new travel niche: space tourism. While it's a...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2005

Escape to your own private island

Luxury Escapes: With $250,000 you could buy a Ferrari F430 Spider, pay college tuition at an Ivy League school for two full-time students, supply food for an entire Ethiopian village for 10 years ... or get two weeks at Musha Cay. At $24,750.00 a...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2005

Escape to Italy

Escape to Italy: As your helicopter makes its descent atop the massive Brenta Dolmites, you share the same overwhelming look as your friends, who have their noses pressed firmly against the glass in disbelief. After unloading your snowboards,...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2005

Wilderness Safaris - Luxury Safaris for VIPs

By Amy Covington Level 6 white water rafting. Check. Hang-gliding over the Himalayas. Yawn. Zip lining through the rainforest. So last year. Traditional vacations...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2005

How to Pick Up "Status Skills" Abroad

By Jane Levere Courtesy of Luxury Courses: Adult education can be a beautiful thing. Lovers of the finer things in life-like Aston Martin cars and Valrhona chocolates-can learn about them by taking special courses offered by...
BY: JustLuxe Team | 2004
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