Feb. 4th, 2013

Phillips House Jewelry To Debut Inside The Boston Saks Fifth Ave

Photo Courtesy of Phillips House
It’s time to show some love. Not with a cheap box of chocolates or clothing that is not her style (or God forbid, her size). We’re talking jewelry—beautiful, timeless pieces that she will love for years to come. With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, head on over to Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston and check out the Phillips House collection that is launching here just in time for you to give that special someone an incredible gift of beauty.
Phillips House

Co-designer of Phillips House, Lisa Frankel, who was born and raised just outside of Boston, has created a variety of pieces in the collection that range in price from $700 to $10,000. “All of our jewelry is about beautiful soft rounded-edge pieces that are never pointy or squared off,” she said. “We have an infinity necklace that is a circular edgeless diamond necklace with very little gold."
Phillips House

"For a lot of customers, our pieces say everything their heart say without being cute. Our pieces are designed to be classic, meant to be blended with what you already have and can be enjoyed year after year." When did Frankel first become interested in designing jewelry? “I was lucky enough to work at a jewelry store in Newton Centre when I was younger and in high school, I worked in a wood and metal shop and learned about cutting and soldering metals...I actually enjoy designing everything," Frankel divulged, "I never really understood my level of creativity."
Phillips House

Available just in time for Valentine’s Day, the collection will be debuting at Saks Fifth Avenue in Boston next week. “We are really excited about the Saks opportunity,” Frankel said. “Boston will be our 15th store and it’s truly a fairytale come true. The First Lady wore a pair of our earrings (Mrs. Obama wore [them] during a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, Duchess Kate Middleton, and the Royal Family) because it has a real appeal to a modern woman."
Phillips House

“All of our pieces are created with a story behind it,” Frankel said. “There is always an inspiration to how each piece was created. For example, we have a Love Always bracelet. My mother always caught me at the door and told me to button up because she didn’t want me to catch a cold. The bracelet has buttons and is engraved with 'Love Always.' It comes with a lifetime warranty on the polish. That spirit of Boston really made a difference in how I design.”
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