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Cabo San Lucas





Lifestyle Villas & Lifestyle Management Services

Lifestyle Villas stunning collection of pristine and luxurious vacation rentals in Mexico includes Beachfront Villas, Condominiums and Ocean- and Golf View Villas.

Lifestyle Villas provides for you the most incredible holiday experience... Beyond impressive, beyond beautiful and beyond your wildest dreams.

Whether itīs for your family, your friends or a special event for many, you will be amazed at the personal commitment to your vacation in Los Cabos.

Renting a villa in Los Cabos, Mexico

As Mexico tops the 2009 travel hot spots lists, major tourist destinations, such as Los Cabos, are expected to be saturated during the peak seasons. Having the opportunity to rent your own, villa or condominium that is situated away from the crowded and noisy hotel districts, yet close to the beach or golf courses, is definitely an attractive incentive.

Experts estimate that in Mexico alone the vacation rentals market is expanding by more than 15 percent a year. And it's no wonder. Discriminating vacationers expect more value for their money and are increasingly demanding. It's a travelers' market after all, experts say.


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