Apr. 2nd, 2013

The Flat: Miami's New Venue Won't Tell You When To Go Home

Photos Courtesy of The Flat
There's a new lounge in town. The Flat is the newest neighbor in Miami's SoFi (South of Fifth) district and is nearly settled in. The new venue welcomed droves of the chic and fabulous who stopped by for a peek during The Flat's various soft openings throughout the week. With its sheer, pulled-back curtains, stunning glass and wood entryway, there is certainly an allure beginning from the moment you step through the entrance. More than a cocktail lounge, the space offers a living room-like vibe and is designed as a "before experience" for the constantly moving crew that comprises Miami’s nightlife. The newest addition to the SoFi neighborhood took over what was once the venue, "Cozy” and plans to officially open its doors in April with a full menu.

Once open, patrons who frequent the South Beach night scene may recognize a face or two. VIP door manager, Cedric Adegnika has been a familiar presence at some of Miami's most coveted night spots. For years he has been the almighty “Oz of doormen,” choosing carefully who passes through that enticing velvet rope night after night. Now, Adegnika will be running the show at The Flat along with business woman and Corsica-native, Barbara Zuccarelli. Adegnika proudly admits the venue will stand out from others in town.

Between the pristine decor (which is actually comfortable) and the great location nestled on S. Pointe Drive, Adegnika seems to have come across the right idea at the right time, holding high hopes to offer something new to Miami's seemingly insatiable nightlife. Did I mention The Flat has no definite closing time? As long as people continue to saunter through the doors, The Flat will remain open. That is surely a major plus for the party scene in Miami — the "other" city that never sleeps.

But do not misunderstand. This is not some 24/7 riffraff lounge with sticky, abused floors and smoke-filled air. The Flat is meticulous in its service and is designed for a clientele ready to indulge in the beach's finest quality and most unique liquid concoctions, courtesy of 26-year-old Russian bartender, Egor Polonskiy. One of Polonskiy's enticing recipes includes “The Siberian Cup,” which is the perfect blend of cucumber-infused Beluga Noble vodka, fresh lemongrass, muddled fresh strawberries, honey and Russian jam. For those craving a twist on the regular tequila treat, try the “Madame de Pompadour,” made with Maestro Dobel tequila, pineapple, sage, spiced rum, honey and Peychaud's bitters.

The Flat will also carry a rare roster of imported liquors along with one of the most unusual Bloody Marys in South Beach, The “Smoked Salmon Caviar Bloody Mary,” served with caviar and quail egg. French for “small bites,” verrine are The Flat’s innovative culinary creations that are served in a simple, yet attractive way, tucked carefully into square, shot-glass-sized bites. The mini dishes are a perfect way to abate hunger without feeling stuffed before a night on the town. Desserts are also tempting options for anyone with a sweet tooth. While its soft openings began on March 22nd, it will be fully operational starting in April, open Friday through Sunday from 7 p.m. until the party winds downs.
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