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112 Ocean Dr.
Miami Beach, FL 33139




Prime One Twelve

Prime One Twelve is located in a restored townhouse, which makes it a romantic choice for dining in the city. Their menu is extensive in its raw seafood offerings, with oysters from both the East and West Coasts; they also have an expansive selection of caviars.

The grill is the place on the menu to look for an entrée, with a grand list of steaks, and a sauce menu of homemade delicacies to complement your selection...not to mention the accompaniments provided by the amorphous wine collection.


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Rosita Gomez commented on July 26, 2011

Do yourself a big favor and do not go to prime112.So overpriced and the shrimp dinner was horrible. I dont know what kind of chef they have but I think Burger King could teach them a thing or two. The service was very slow to get your meal.If you want to spend your paycheck for lunch this is the place to go.

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