Ultimate Luxury Living at Isla Viveros

Private Luxury Islands: It is no easy task to build a luxury resort from the ground up, but the Isla Viveros has managed to do just that when the first guests arrive in May of this year.

Located in an untapped region free from hurricanes and earthquakes and located approximately 45 miles west of Panama City, Panama, Isla Viveros is set to become the pinnacle of luxury travel.

According to Maxime Navarre, general manager of Grupo Viveros, the company behind the development of the luxury resort, Isla Viveros has some very unique features, unlike any other luxury resort. These are:

  • All properties are in front of the ocean, with island views all around (Viveros island is located in the middle of an archipelago)
  • All amenities are five-star with the golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus himself, the marina is based in one of the world's best fishing and boating areas, and it is also an area where whales visit for three months a year. The International Private Airport maintains jet capacity and our guests can clear customs in the island. The resort will also feature a boutique hotel, guest residences and a wide array of gourmet options.
  • Viveros is located in a safe country, where you find all international brands like Christina Herrera, Chanel, Cartier etc.

    Maxime also says that in addition to the 1500 acres of island that Viveros Resort occupies, the company also purchased 25 additional hectares in Isla del Rey, the main island of the archipelago, located at 200 meters from Viveros, where guests can also enjoy horseback riding, rainforest hikes, river activities and more.

    The Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course is an environmentally friendly course, which seeks to preserve the natural area. Maxime explains, "The difficulty, when you do a golf course, is to preserve environment. To keep the grass quality you have to use pesticides, and to do a fairway, you have to clear the trees. Our group decided to conquer the challenges around those two main points. To clear all the trees, we move and replant them in a better area. Each time it is an environmentalist expert who supervises the clearing. Of course, when I say trees, I should say all vegetation that needs to be preserved."

    "The Viveros golf course also has a perimeter drainage system; we collect all the water coming from the golf course. Water is then centralizing in different ponds, treated and re-used for our irrigation system. Thanks to this system we have no ocean contamination from any pesticides. The water treatment in the island also uses natural organic systems."

    In addition to the amazing golf course and 5-star hotel, the island is also an excellent place to retire. Maxime says, "People who have a property at Viveros Resort are between 35 to 70 years old. This mixed generation makes this destination special, as retired people don't have to feel like they're retired. There are also incredible tax breaks for owners."

    In the way of the homes on Viveros, "Everything is possible! Let the imagination of the homeowner have no limit. This is what we want to offer. Of course, all people can choose between our five-model houses, made by the famous Panamanian architect, Ignacio Mallol. They can also customize their design and use their own architect. We will always pay attention to the style, in order to respect the resort spirit, but we do encourage creativity as you can find all you need in term of construction products and furniture in Panama.

    To conclude I will say our model houses are delivered fully furnished; you just have to bring your bed and lounge chair."

    "I would like to add that having a property in Viveros' Resort is a very good investment, especially since being close to a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course is a guaranty. These days, it is very important to make this precision. Luxury clientele have to come and discover that Viveros Resort will simply become the place to be in the very near future."

    Safety has also been taken into account. Maxime explains that in addition to having the best in entertainment, the island also emphasizes security, privacy and technology:

    Request a Travel Quote"Thanks to the fact the resort is on the full island, we control all access. Nobody will come if they are not a member or guest, which will preserve the island's security and privacy."

    "A beautiful destination off the beaten path, a safe country, first class amenities, larges ocean or beachfront home sites (1 acre average), very modern infrastructure, restaurants, bars, discotheques, commerce and of course high speed Internet and TV. This is all we propose and more."

    The group's French roots have also induced the group to include a village of dining and shopping options, modeled after the "rocher de Monaco."

    No matter what your interests are, the soon to be opened Isla Viveros is sure to exceed your expectations.

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    Isla Viveros
    Isla Viveros
    Isla Viveros
    Isla Viveros
    Isla Viveros
    Isla Viveros
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