Home Décor Trends are Shifting to DIY Projects


Recently, there’s been a surge in DIY crafts. A brief foray through Pinterest or an online search will turn up thousands of crafts or home décor looks that can now made at with the guidance of a few simple tutorials.

Because custom-made crafts can often be done more cheaply than purchasing items from the store, it makes perfect sense that more people have turned to DIY crafts to make their homes more beautiful.

But there’s more to it than that. Take a look at some of the most popular DIY projects for improving home décor, as well as the reasons for their appeal.

The Evolution of DIY Projects

There was a time not so long ago when crafts tackled at home were regarded as “old women’s projects.” Now, women in their early 20s pick up a pair of knitting needles without so much as a second glance from passersby. Some young female entrepreneurs even launch their own businesses based on a craft when they become sufficiently adept at it.

It also used to be the case that DIY projects and crafts were done out of necessity. But thanks to social media, blogs, and web browsing, that approach is outdated. It’s impossible to ignore the role of social media, particularly Pinterest, in the emerging DIY trends.

“The social sharing platform Pinterest revolutionized the way families decorated their homes, with creative individuals sharing everything from decorating ideas, DIY projects, entertaining possibilities, and party planning,” says a blog post that outlines the last 100 years of home décor.

“Working moms who want to repurpose a linen closet into a functional workspace or find ways to make flat-pack furniture their own find creative solutions from like-minded women, in a personal way they can adopt as their own.”

Though working moms are highlighted here as the prime members of the DIY population, they’re not the only ones who have embraced this mentality. It’s becoming its own brand in the millennial market: Men, women, and even children are joining in.

The Value of Co-Creation and Individual Customization

As the blog post pointed out, DIY projects have turned into a creative solution that can be used to express personality. Participants can adopt a project as their own.

In the past, consumers expected to find products already made and ready to go in the store. Though this remains an appealing option for some shoppers, others also want some products they will be able to co-create.

Research shows that 40 percent of millennials are interested in being part of the product creation process. In addition, individual customization is essential. Crafting a project with your own hands and sharing it with the world is appeals to DIY enthusiasts.

Most Popular DIY Home Décor Projects

DIY projects today go beyond simple arts and crafts. Most of them conclude as useful home décor items, and some even serve as the springboard to a prosperous startup company.

Projects range from upcycled furniture to art pieces created for your wall. Below are some of the top DIY trends on Pinterest, according to a report.

Homemade Craft Supplies: This includes such things as homemade chalk paint, homemade mod podge, and substitute tools.

Watercolor Art Pieces: With a variety of techniques, this art form is simple and creates professional-looking art pieces for your walls.

Gallery Walls: With a combination of personal pictures, doodads, mirrors, and creative artwork, you can make a collage that speaks about your personality.

Bottle Vases: With a combination of bottles or mason jars and pallet boards, you can build an indoor garden on your wall for an array that has practical benefits.

Repurposed Wood: Finding old wood, pallet boards, or logs and repurposing them as beautiful pieces of furniture is all the rage in home décor.

DIY projects can be as simple as they are beautiful. It’s not clear how long this trend may last, but it’s more than likely to prosper well into 2016.

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