Cities to Visit #1: London


My last few posts, which were about my favorite cities in the world, discussed (hopefully obviously) my opinions on the best locations that I had ever been to. These “Cities to Visit” articles will focus on cities that I haven’t been to yet and exactly why I want to go to them. Look forward to more from both series!

- Mike Grant

If someone were to offer me the chance to go on vacation wherever I wanted, rather than traveling around due to business, I would immediately head straight to London. Not only is my heritage based in the United Kingdom, adding a more personal reason for the choice, but there are some things to do in London that I think would make it simply amazing for me.


The main thing my vacation would be centered around would be soccer and its culture in London. I’d do everything in my power to make my way to an Arsenal match and cheer them on. Afterwards, I’d follow the crowds to the pubs and experience the legendary madness of London soccer fans firsthand.


Of course, I would also hit up some of the finer restaurants in London while I was there and check out popular attractions like Big Ben and try to make one of the royal guards laugh. Otherwise, it’d be all about soccer fanaticism.

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