Fem Sma Hus - Exquisite Stockholm Dining

The name of this restaurant, Fem Sma Hus, translates to Five Small Houses and the atmosphere is like a visit to a good friend’s home: warm, inviting and full of friendly people. Classically furnished and adorned with beautiful paintings, Fem Sma Hus is an elegant and sophisticated spot to enjoy an amazing meal. The vaulted brick ceilings are a beautiful topper to this enchanting and quite romantic location, and the live candles and fires lit around the restaurant make this a superb place to take your loved one.


One of Stockholm’s best places to eat, the menu consists of a variety of traditional Swedish game like reindeer and elk and are prepared to perfection for even the most discerning taste buds. However, as this location is quite popular, it is heavily advised that possible guests to Fem Sma Hus make reservations before their arrival.


Fem Sma Hus
Nygrand 10
Stockholm 111 30, Sweden
+46 707630520


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