My Favorite Cities #7: Dubai


Dubai has made, and continues to make, considerable progress as a city worth visiting and the last decade or so has made it a veritable hot spot for business and tourism that I just love visiting. Like many of my other favorite cities, Dubai offers a wonderful array of luxurious and leisurely activities to fill your time and leave you refreshed. While the city is fairly spread out in comparison to others, the huge skyscrapers and hot spots are really easy to get to as the taxi drivers in Dubai were the most efficient drivers I have ever seen and they really don’t seem to try to price gouge by taking longer routes.


Other cool stuff in Dubai includes visiting the Arabian Tower Hotel (which, sadly, I haven’t been able to stay at yet), the impressive collection of gold souks and some really beautiful shopping malls. There is an opulence to Dubai that I just haven’t experienced anywhere else in the world and it’s one of the best cities in the world to go to.

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