Technogym's UNITY System Is the Most Advanced Way To Workout

Technogym UNITY

Photo Courtesy of Technogym

Getting on the treadmill can be one of the most boring exercises in our weight loss regimen. We run without going anywhere, talking to anyone and usually only have a television to keep us entertained—it makes for a thoroughly uninspiring experience. But Technogym, a leader in producing technology-driven fitness equipment, has created UNITY, an android based console that allows users to communicate with friends or trainers via webcam, surf online or even play terrain videos to allow for a more realistic running experience. 


technogym unity

Introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, UNITY is one of the first inventions in the fitness industry to allow this type of interaction during exercise. Outfitted with a swipe touch screen, the machine allows instant access to multimedia, the internet and other consumers. “With the look and feel of a tablet, Technogym’s UNITY console offers a revolutionary, interactive training experience,” said Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym. “It provides users with a personalized training program, favorite apps, TV programs, and entertainment.”

Compatible with several leading fitness apps and devices like Google Glass, the UNITY system can universally track exercise results such as heart rate, calories burned and speeds, all of which can be instantly shared through social media. As part of the Wellness on the Go virtual community, it allows users to engage, train and compete with others who use Technogym equipment, and create a personalized experience specifically for your needs. Now all we need a device to do our workout for us. 

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