Zero-Hour Gift Ideas for All!

Leisure: It's crunch time in the gift-giving season, as Christmas Day is at the end of the week. To all of you still out there shopping mightily in search of that last-minute present, here are three ideas that could get you to the finish line in three easy steps with one for him, one for her, and one for all. Are you ready?

One for Him

Andrew Marc
There are two types of leather jackets. There is one that should be worn when out riding the Ducati, and another that is more suitable for everyday wear. Leather jackets by Andrew Marc is prime selection for that latter category. For $500 to $1,000, this is casual chic with attitude.

It is a fashion statement to which most men can relate. The leathers are lambskin and fit comfortably. The looks vary from the "Easy Rider" motorcycle jackets to overcoats that would keep the chill out of the coolest places. It is hard to go wrong here. Additionally, there are jackets for her too at Andrew Marc.

One for Her

Louis Vuitton
E-shopping at Louis Vuitton gives even the last-second gift buyer the look of a championship-caliber shopper who is both conscientious and caring. Seal the deal with a handwriting instrument that is as distinct and refined as its receiver. There is the Jet Linge Mongram Amarante roller pen, which is priced at $365, or the Jet Roller pen at $360. There are other nice accessories available. This is the zero hour. Keep it simple and classy. If you are going to wimp out and go gift card, you could do a lot worse than a gift card from Louis Vuitton.

One for All

Dobel Diamond Tequila
Back in school, it was the A-B-Cs, when the subject is tequila, it is clarity, complexity, crispness, and craftsmanship, that is, according to the good folks at Dobel Tequila. It starts at around $50 per bottle ... and is enjoyed by lots of famous people, too. Go A-list with Eva Mendes, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Charlize Theron. They drink it. So, why not you or a friend? Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, and James Franco also said they drink it too. The Mexican distiller of premium vodka is somewhat of a new gem of the agave, having released its first batch in 2008. Dobel Tequila is available in lots of nice places.

It's time to get clicking! Happy Holidays!

James Rothaar

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