Ferrari Delivers First Tailor-Made FF to Ian Poulter

Photo Courtesy of Ferrari
Ordering any Ferrari new from the factory is undoubtedly a special occasion, but for those looking for that extra special touch, the luxury automaker offers the Ferrari Tailor Made program.

The customization department in Maranello allows clients to select from an array of off-the-menu items and can accommodate just about any request a customer might make, be they classic in style, sportier - as inspired by the company's F1 racing team - or something entirely different altogether.

Last month during at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Ferrari delivered the first such customized vehicle in the United States. The unique Ferrari FF was delivered, appropriately enough for its location, to pro golfer Ian Poulter. The British sportsman had his four-seat Ferrari painted in a unique three-layer Sabbia ivory finish, with the interior swathed in black Poltrona Frau leather and tartan for a very Scottish look. The trunk compartment was trimmed in carbon fiber and a technical woven fabric.

Of course these are only a few of the options which Ferrari's top clients can request. Rakish bon-vivant Lapo Elkann (whose family just happens to own Ferrari) had a California decked out in matte blue with a denim interior, Ferrari had a small series of 60F1 edition 599 GTBs made to honor the Scuderia, while others have been painted to emulate specific cars from Ferrari's history or even upholstered in cashmere.
Those customers for whom even these options will not do, however, can have Ferrari design a new car specifically to their tastes. Guitar legend Eric Clapton was the most recent customer to go this route, having the factory rebody a 458 Italia into the one-of-a-kind 512 BB-inspired SP12 EC. The sky really is the limit, but naturally everything comes at a cost.

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