Money Can't Buy Jaguar's Concept Speed Boat

jaguar speedboat

Photo Courtesy of Jaguar
Everyone knows there's more than one way to skin a cat, but it's knowledge no less commonplace that cats don't typically like the water. Jaguar, however, is not one to follow convention, braking with it at the press launch of its new XF Sportbrake.
  jaguar speedboat
Towed behind the new luxury wagon was the British automaker's take on a speedboat design, bearing all the hallmarks of a Jaguar design but in an entirely different form.  jaguar speedboat
Penned by Jaguar design director Ian Callum and his team in Coventry, the Concept Speedboat measures 20 feet overall, with a gel-coat fiberglass hull, teak decks and a unique carbon-fiber fin that extends aftward behind the captain's seat to recall the shape of the classic Jaguar D-Type. Its cockpit envisions a 2+1 seating configuration decked out in red (a rather striking combination against the grey hull and aforementioned teak deck), with exquisite details like a polished aluminum propeller, a finely-crafted fuel filler cap and a pop-up mooring post. jaguar speedboat
The overall design looks rather striking, but try not to like it too much: Jaguar apparently has no intention of building such a craft, using it instead as a showpiece for what its design department is capable of dreaming up when the road ends and the sea begins.

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