Feb. 1st, 2013

This Luxurious Open Floor Plan Home is Ideal for Multi-Tasking and Peeping Toms

Photos Courtesy of Bates Masi Architects
One word that certainly comes to mind after a quick gander at Sam’s Creek is open. The sweeping design of this Bridgehampton, New York residence, executed executed by Bates Masi Architects, was influenced by the busy lives of the builder's clients, one of whom is the owner of a public relations company. In their fast-paced, multi-tasking lives the homeowners required a residence that would allow for multiple activities to take place at the same time throughout the house without interruption – more specifically, one can host a party for a celebrity client and be able to see when a guest might be boring them with conversation, regardless of where they might be standing on the property.
 Sam's Creek Windowed Walls

In order to accommodate this request, the talented team at Bates Masi Architects designed the site to "establish view corridors from front to back," as well as transparent walls, providing a setting where guests not only get to enjoy the picturesque views, but can also be easily viewed.
 Sam's Creek Pool

Mahogany boards are elegantly displayed along the high ceilings, walls and floors, giving this otherwise contemporary home a very country feel. The house is made up of a series of open-ended boxes that have independent audio, video, and climate controls; gardens and patios are found in the empty spaces between.
 Sam's Creek Living Room

All the rooms within the house are incredibly spacious, which I think would easily bring serenity to a chaotic life. The unique fireplace "merges a utilitarian object and a crafted, sculpted work of art" due to its concealed moment frame which helps open up the dining and living room. According to the architects, bronze was used and "different patina processes were studied to achieve the dark bronze facing the room and the polished bronze on the interior of the hood." This particular overlapping of the bronze components allows sunlight to filter through the gaps in the intersecting construction.
 Sam's Creek Kitchen

This 6,500-square-foot home will permit the client a seamless way to operate the daily multi-tasking necessary for their hectic lives. Clearly the owners are not at-home nudists because this luxury adobe is just about as private as a Facebook account.
 Sam's Creek Kitchen Alternate View

 Sam's Creek Kitchen Table

 Sam's Creek Bedroom

 Sam's Creek Bathroom

 Sam's Creek Patio

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