Dec. 26th, 2012

Luxury Las Vegas-Based Airline Plans to Launch in 2013

Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas Airlines
LV airlines is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based luxury commercial airlines that is planning to launch in 2013. The new company is targeting high-end world travelers with its in-flight amenities and Vegas ambience. The airline will have offices in New York City and Las Vegas.
Luxury Las  Vegas Airlines

"We're completely on track for 2013," said CEO and Founder Eneliko Sean Smith. "An offer has been made to acquire a fully certified carrier. Our designer, Edese Doret, has begun designs and features for first class to include state of the art reclining beds, a live plant wall and a shower/changing room. In club class, translucent bulkheads, a circle bar, and 3D surround sound will be the norm. Every flight will feature an online and private network gaming experience."
Private Airplane

Mango Aviations is working with LV Airlines in bringing its 2013-launch plans to fruition. Mango has worked with other luxury airlines, such as Silverjet, Eos, and Duo, get their business models up in the air. Andrew Cowen, the managing director of Mango Aviation partners, is fully onboard.
LV Airlines

"I feel sure that with a properly structured offering, LV Air could become very successful, said Mr. Cowen. “I would also highlight that Eneliko Sean Smith, LV Air's founder, is a successful entrepreneur focused on bringing fresh thinking and innovation to the airline market. Aviation is liberalizing fast [and] bringing much needed competition to established carriers." LV Airlines is bolstering its startup with social media campaigns, which will go into high gear in early 2013.
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