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200 Convention Center Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89109




Vegas Indoor Skydiving

For those who want nothing more than to experience the thrill of skydiving but can't get past a fear of heights, Vegas Indoor Skydiving is the answer. Guests can earn their wings and experience flight during the simulated skydive experience, all without ever having to leave the Strip.

Within the padded walls of their vertical tunnel, visitors experience a simulated freefall without the airplanes and parachutes, but with the added safety of a nice soft trampoline below you rather than the earth's solid crust.


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emma commented on September 25, 2014

Wow... i think this is the best option for me to enjoy skydiving.Because i am very scared of heights and all.I never think about this option.Thank you so much for sharing.People who want to explore more things in Vegas here is the way to to that

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