Feb. 12th, 2010

Review: 47 Park Street, London - A Marriott Residence

Review: I make my way from Marble Arch station, battling against the wind and the rain, which is so strong, my flimsy umbrella threatens to pop inside out. Although 47 Park Street isnít a long walk from the Tube, itís enough to ensure that Iím wet and cold when I arrive at the prestigious Mayfair residence.

But as soon as the door is opened, and I step inside the cosy, plush, warm exterior, itís as though someone has just given me a welcome hug. The first thing that hits me in this home-from-home residence is the fragrance of fresh flowers Ė lovingly arranged every day by 47ís in-house florist.

Book this hotel now with confidence! Personal Service. Best Rate Guarantee. 100% Luxury Hotels. Book Now! The magnificent Edwardian-style property was built in 1927 as a private home to 1st Baron Milford, and, in a nod to its heritage, the dťcor elegantly compliments the red-brick town house. The period detail blends seamlessly with the modern touches that each of the 49 one and two-bedroom boast. After signing in Ė thereís only one entrance into 47, meaning guests can relax feeling safe Ė Iím led up the winding staircase and along one of the corridors which is flecked with traditional paintings.

My boudoir for the evening is a spacious one-bedroom residence. Itís just like walking into a luxurious apartment. The gold, cream and red furnishings maintain the authentic ambiance 47 successfully creates, and I instantly feel at home.

My lounge is beautifully designed Ė grand yet comfortable - the kitchen, albeit small, is kitted out with everything you would need (Villeroy & Boch cookware and china, and Siemens appliances), while the divine Emperador marble bathroom is so inviting, Iím tempted to draw a bubble bath and soak for hours.

My favourite room, however, is the master bedroom. The king-size bed is sumptuous. The sheets are the softest I have experienced, and itís so accommodating, itís almost better than being in my own bed.

And thatís the beauty of 47. Grand Residences by Marriott means the accommodation is run like a five-star hotel, but is themed around membership. The package includes exclusive benefits Ė such as priority booking for various sought-after West End shows as well as at the renowned Spa Illuminata Ė and allows guests to stay for a minimum 21 nights a year.

This means, whether in London for business or pleasure, it really can become your second home. When youíre due to stay, the delightfully friendly staff will put out your family photos, if requested, and make sure you have your favourite meal cooked and served in your room that evening.

I stay at 47 for just one night Ė which is definitely not long enough. Itís the type of place that you can kick off your shoes after a hard dayís work and not want to leave.

And, I guess, thatís one of the benefits of its innovative scheme Ė once a member, you donít have to.

For more information visit 47ParkStreet.com

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