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69 Colebrooke Row
N1 8AA





69 Colebrooke Row

In an intimate, one room bar sits 69 Colebrooke Row, a cocktail lounge that blends drinks and bites to cater to visitors and locals alike. Styled after a '50s Italian cafe, the low lighting and unique setting give it a distinct "film noir" feel. While never given an official name, this award winning bar has been open for five years and is "identifiable by a lantern and burgundy awnings," making it all the more mysterious.

Patrons can book a table (for no more than six diners due to space constraints) and spend the night eating, drinking and even enjoying live music. For those who wish to learn how to recreate some of their signature cocktails, they hold a masterclasses which cover anything from champagne cocktails to Mad Men-inspired libations.


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