Jul. 14th, 2014

Italian Roots: 5 NYC Destinations with Strong Italian Culture

italian cultural institute
Photo Courtesy of Italian Cultural Institute of NY

As one of the most beloved countries in the world, Italy has played a huge part in shaping many nations and lives through its food, art, architecture, culture and its beautiful philosophies such as la dolce vita. Even those who don't come from Italian decent can appreciate the amazing and timeless items that have come from Italy. To celebrate their culture, let's take a look at our favorite NYC destinations where you can go to learn more about this vibrant society.

 Italian Cultural Institute of New York
Photo Courtesy of Italian Cultural Institute of NY

Italian Cultural Institute in New York

With a hefty schedule of events that include anything and everything to do with Italy, the Italian Cultural Institute in New York provides guests with an enriching and welcoming location to embrace all that is and was from this European country. They also offer language courses and an extensive library to satiate the curious.

foundation for italian art and culture
Photo Courtesy of Foundation for Italian Art & Culture

Foundation for Italian Art & Culture

A non-profit organization put together in 2003, the Foundation for Italian Art & Culture's (FIAC) main goal is to "promote the knowledge and the appreciation of the Italian cultural and artistic traditions from the classical period to modern times in the United States." While not necessarily an actual destination to go to, the projects hosted by FIAC offer up some of the most intriguing Italian arts in the world.

little italy new york
Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock/littleny

Little Italy

If you're looking to immerse yourself in the love of life embraced by Italians around the globe, without actually making the trip to Florence, New York City's Little Italy is by far your best bet. Tons of restaurants, Italian hotels and places to shop cover the streets along Mulberry Street from Canal to Spring, and the area is unbeatable in offering a fun, culture-rich outing with friends and family.

fifth avenue
Photo Courtesy of Visit Fifth Avenue

Shopping Districts

From a Brunello Cucinelli storefront to high-end boutiques, Italian fashion can be found all over the Big Apple. It's impossible to discuss the great things Italy has done for the worldwide community without mentioning its remarkable impact on style, and there are so many hotspots around NYC, that it's impossible to pick just one. Your best bet for the top echelon of style is Fifth Avenue, so visit with a full wallet and a thirst for impeccable clothing.

italian american museum
Photo Courtesy of the Italian American Museum

Italian American Museum

Right in the heart of the aforementioned Little Italy, the Italian American Museum in NYC offers a discussion on everything we've mentioned before, primarily the contributions of Italians and Italian Americans that have been enveloped by American society in general. This location holds lectures, musical programs, festivals, films, theater productions and more.

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