Noble Experiment: San Diego's Best New Cocktail Lounge

San Diego Nightlife Review: There are many venues in San Diego that are worth reviewing. We have found one that blows them all away. Noble Experiment has gotten quite a bit of positive press already, and after visiting the establishment it’s easy to see why.

I met Nate Stanton a while back when he opened El Dorado in the East Village. At the time he told me about all of the specialty cocktails and recipes he already crafted, as well as his passion to pursue creating more. Nate’s vision was to create a place where the cocktails would star and the guests would know they were in for something special. And now he has. After training under Sam Ross (Milk & Honey, New York), Noble Experiment was born as the embodiment of Nate’s now 400+ menu of drinks.

Noble, as locals are already calling it despite mere months of business, is something totally unique to Downtown San Diego. This is an exclusive place. Yet the vibe is so unassuming, that as soon as you realize your luck in securing a reservation, you forget it’s the kind of place where you can’t show up without one.

Before you even get inside you will have to ask how to get in. While I would love to divulge the location of the camouflaged door, half the fun is figuring it out; once you do, a host is waiting to lead into an ultra-chic space. Your one hint? It’s located within Neighborhood in the East Village.

Noble Experiment is an intimate establishment adorned with cream leather seating, mahogany walls and 19th-century style portraits that are mounted to the ceiling; a gorgeous white carved wood frame highlights the impressive bar. Additional digital art that morphs gives the bar a more modern appeal, along with one wall covered in human skulls. The contrast of traditional elements and modern design trends works very well: it effortlessly reflects Noble’s progressive, yet classic attitude.

What truly stands out during a visit to Noble is the heart and soul of the venue. Drinks created at this bar are original, refreshing and ridiculously tasty. Trust me, you will appreciate every drop of any cocktail featuring the liquor you think you despise. A sneak peak at what’s in store? Noble Experiment offers a short menu to peruse featuring a handful of intriguing cocktails, including: Penicillin (Scotch, Honey, Ginger, Lemon & Islay Float), Improved Whiskey Cocktail, (Maraschino, Absinthe & Bitters), Rolls Royce (Gin, Dry & Sweet Vermouth, Benedictine with a Lemon Twist).

While the menu changes on a regular basis, one thing will remain the same: The Dealer’s Choice. This is my favorite part of a visit to Noble Experiment and one that many will appreciate. Tell your bartender what you love, tell them what you hate, then let them make the call. You won’t be disappointed.

Noble Experiment:
Address: 777 G Street San Diego, CA 92101
Telephone: 619.888.4713
Hours: Wed-Sun 7PM - 2AM
Attire: Smart Casual
Please Note: You must text in advance for reservations, Noble Experiment is almost always booked more than a week in advance.

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