Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes Of NBC Interior Design Show "George To The Rescue"

In April, Philadelphia interior designer Susan Hopkins received a surprising call from someone who saw her website. That one phone call turned into a life-changing opportunity for her.

Gail Doby: How were you contacted to become a part of the George to the Rescue project?

Susan Hopkins: The producer called and left a voice mail for me while I was in a client meeting late one evening. The voice mail said, “Hi, Susan. This is Andy S. at 30 Rock …” I couldn't believe it was real. I believe that they found me just from searching through Google. 

Gail: They just called you out-of-the-blue? 

Susan: Right, they did! I have a photo on my website. The producer told me that he felt that I had the right look for the show. 

Gail: Tell us about George to the Rescue.

Susan: It is a mini-version of Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition. George Oliphant typically helps single families, and he helps people who are helping others as well. 

Gail Doby

Gail Doby is an author, international speaker, interior designer and small business consultant. She is co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of Design Success University, a global continuing education university for professional interior designers. As seen on CNBC, Reuter's, Luxe Magazine, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, K+BB, Interior Design Online, Decorati and Ava Living. ...(Read More)

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