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$100K Ultimate Guys Golf Weekend at Turnberry Isle Miami

South Florida luxury resort Turnberry Isle Miami announced the launch of its Ultimate Guys Golf Weekend (UGGW) package. This all-inclusive, four-day package provides an opportunity for 20 friends to enjoy a golf lover’s dream...
BY: James Rothaar | 2013

Five of the Most Popular Places to Hang Out With a Celebrity in South Beach

The tropical sun and never-ending nightlife might just be two of the reasons celebrities spend so much time in Miami. Some stars choose to call Miami home, some visit for months at a time while filming their reality TV shows...

5 Destinations to Avoid Fall and Follow the Sunshine

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2013

There are some that count down the days until autumn, snatching up sweaters and cardigans, scouring Frye’s new line of boots and eagerly awaiting the return of pumpkin spiced lattes (signifying that fall is close behind). They welcome the...


Navigating the Turquoise and White Island of Santorini: Where to Stay, Eat and Explore

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2013

It was barely morning and all of us were tired, eyes heavy on the flight to Santorini. My friends and I had stayed out all night exploring Athens the night before, hoping to sleep at our hotel's pool once there. The sky was dark in Santorini when...


Make a Difference on Your Next Vacation with Six New Expeditions by Earthwatch

We’re always being told that we should become more green, save endangered species and protect important habitats, but we never really know how to go about it. Environmental charity, Earthwatch is ready to not only tell you how, but show you. Since...
BY: Tara Imperatore | 2013

Own Your Vacation with Marriott Vacation Club's Fairway Villas

With over 50 luxurious resorts worldwide, owners with the Marriott Vacation Club (MVC) can walk the Great Wall of China, share the thrill of an African safari, cruise the azure waters of the Caribbean or savor refined wine tastings in California’s...
BY: Roger Sands | 2013

Beach Town Vama Veche is a Bohemian Gem in Romania

If you’re tired of gleaming steel, concrete glass resorts, and rows of designer label shops, you may also be nostalgic for the bohemian attitude of the ‘60s. Dare to be different and reach back in time to campout at Vama Veche, the little-known...
BY: Sean Hillen | 2013

Vacations That Keep You Moving: 5 Resorts for Active Travelers

BY : Roger Sands | 2013

Ardent sporting enthusiasts demand vacations that match their passions. Skiers, golfers, hikers, scuba divers and other athletic travelers won't settle for a day by the pool whiling the hours away sipping mai tais. Their vacations mean action. So...


Constanta Mayor Heats up Romania's Coast with Carnivals and Trendy Nightclubs

Colorful Rio-style carnivals, offshore artificial islands and luxury hotels-with-apartment complexes are just some elements of a development plan underway to make Romania’s largest Black Sea Port a Mecca for tourists, according to Mayor of Constanta...
BY: Sean Hillen | 2013

Québec City: A Little Piece of Paris in North America

BY : Cynthia Dial | 2013

Close your eyes and imagine winding cobblestone streets, a collection of world-class museums, sidewalk cafes serving crepes and croissants and French spoken everywhere. If your imagination takes you to Paris, you would be wrong. Welcome to...


5 European Wine Tours That Are Anything But Stuffy

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2013

Wine tours are a quintessential part of traveling through Europe, as its regions hold some of the most famous vineyards, brands and family-run wineries in the world. If you’re a frequent traveler to The Old World you may be looking for something a...


Chasing a Native Summer Through the Southwest

BY : Lena Katz | 2013

With the 92nd annual Indian Market in Santa Fe passing through and the last month of summer vacation tempting everyone to get on the road, there’s no better time to appreciate Native American heritage, architecture, art and mythology....


A Snow-Covered Adventure: Dog Sledding in Sweden’s Northern Regions

BY : Stefanie Payne | 2013

My first taste of dog sledding came with a side of powerful joy — one that I can only imagine is equivalent flying a plane for the first time or winning a large sum of cash — yes, that joyful. In the Lapland wilderness of northern Sweden, I was...

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