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August 2013

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Québec City: A Little Piece of Paris in North America

Aug 30, 2013  |   Contributor: Cynthia Dial

Close your eyes and imagine winding cobblestone streets, a collection of world-class museums, sidewalk cafes serving crepes and croissants and French spoken everywhere. If your imagination takes you to Paris, you would be wrong.... Read More

5 European Wine Tours That Are Anything But Stuffy

Aug 29, 2013  |   Contributor: Nicolle Monico

Wine tours are a quintessential part of traveling through Europe, as its regions hold some of the most famous vineyards, brands and family-run wineries in the world. If you’re a frequent traveler to The Old World you may be looking for something a little different this next time around. Like you, we were itching for that extra twist that made a tour stand out among the rest. Below is a compilation of some of Europe’s unique wine experiences.... Read More

Chasing a Native Summer Through the Southwest

Aug 29, 2013  |   Contributor: Lena Katz

With the 92nd annual Indian Market in Santa Fe passing through and the last month of summer vacation tempting everyone to get on the road, there’s no better time to appreciate Native American heritage, architecture, art and mythology.... Read More

A Snow-Covered Adventure: Dog Sledding in Sweden’s Northern Regions

Aug 16, 2013  |   Contributor: Stefanie Payne

My first taste of dog sledding came with a side of powerful joy — one that I can only imagine is equivalent flying a plane for the first time or winning a large sum of cash — yes, that joyful.... Read More

The Mystery Behind Morocco's Sights and History Unveiled with Atlas Elite

Aug 13, 2013  |   Contributor: Nicolle Monico

Morocco, with its exotic and dreamy location, is high on our list of travel destinations. The unknown about the African country with its rugged mountains, Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines and its royal ancestry have us ever curious about the mystery behind The Western Kingdom. However, planning what to see while there, knowing where to stay and choosing which dining establishments offer the best cuisine can be an intimidating task. Luckily, Atlas Elite has travelers covered.... Read More

Capturing the United States: Stills from Smithsonian Channel's Aerial America

Aug 7, 2013  |   Contributor: Lena Katz

If you're a fan of more intellectual travel programming than one finds these days on the Travel Channel, you might like AERIAL AMERICA, Smithsonian Channel's televised "quest to capture all 50 states from the air." Call it high-concept or just call it high-up from an elevation standpoint, the fact remains, this series takes a different perspective on American points of interest than the "down and folksy in the BBQ pit" rambles that most networks are going for.... Read More

Want to Go Diving With Great White Sharks? Head to These 4 Destinations

Aug 7, 2013  |   Contributor: Nicolle Monico

If you’re a thrill seeker, chances are you have shark cage diving on your bucket list. And, you probably have every episode of Discovery Channel's Shark Week recorded on your DVR each year. Imagine coming face-to-face with the largest predatory fish in the world, seeing up close-and-personal their 300-serrated, triangular teeth and observing their massive 15-foot size and 5,000-pound weight. With their powerful tails, they can shoot through the water at up to 15 mph. Who’s ready to cage dive with great whites? For those brave enough to still jump in the ocean with these animals, we rounded up the only four reliable destinations in the world for for interacting with these carnivorous beasts o... Read More

El Corazon de Santa Fe: Inside The Heart Of The Heart

Aug 5, 2013  |   Contributor: Susan Kime

Experiencing Santa Fe combines past and present, old and young, ancient history and intense immediacy, liberation and invigoration. It is also where I spent my honeymoon nearly three decades earlier. I had not returned, even though we lived nearby for many years, so the memories of Santa Fe remained clear as the remembered pink sunrises over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.... Read More

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