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June 2009

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Life Size Kobe Bryant Bobble Head for Sale

Jun 26, 2009  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Collectible Bobble-head Dolls: With the Los Angeles Lakers being the NBA's 2008-09 champions and Kobe Bryant being MVP of the Finals and among the greatest basketball players of all time, what could be better than having a life-size Kobe... Read More

Alfred Dunhill Ltd. Edition Surfboard

Jun 23, 2009  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Luxury Surfboards: London luxury goods firm Alfred Dunhill is continuing its line of limited edition sporting goods with its latest offering, a surfboard. While that might seem out of keeping with the storied company best known for beautiful... Read More

Bottega Veneta's Ultra-Luxe Alligator Luggage

Jun 19, 2009  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Luxury Leisure: World class Italian luxury goods firm Bottega Veneta has come out with an elegant, extravagant set of alligator luggage for the private jet set. Designed to make the journey itself a pleasure regardless of the final... Read More

Robotic Lawnmower is a Man's Luxury Product

Jun 16, 2009  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Robotic lawnmowers: This is a fully automated lawn-care system. The robotic device cuts grass in the same manner as a typical gas -- or electric -- powered lawn mower. A Robomow® lawnmower can be programmed to depart from its base, mow the... Read More

Lightweight Rolling Luggage Bags a Winner

Jun 12, 2009  |   Contributor: James Rothaar

Luxury Luggage: Here's a potential cure for that achy back-breaking feeling that results from carrying multiple pieces of luggage around awkwardly from Train Reaction®. The lightweight rolling-luggage sets are sure to receive plenty of... Read More

$20,000 Makaha Surfboard by Roy Stewart

Jun 2, 2009  |   Contributor: JustLuxe Team

Luxury Leisure: New Zealander Roy Stewart has elevated the surfboard into the realm of luxury wooden watersports equipment for the elite enthusiast with his latest creation, the $20,000 Makaha. More than 400 individually crafted pieces of... Read More

Jaeger LeCouture Air New Zealand 70 Sunreef Power Sea Bass
Jaeger LeCouture Air New Zealand 70 Sunreef Power Sea Bass