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Sally, A nice article and something for us mortals to dream about! Keep up the good work! I would like to comment about the teaser that links to your article as it doesn't make any sense. Here it is: The famous restaurant chain NOBU, has made their mark on the hospitality world, with the February 4th opening of their luxury hotel. The hotel will also feature the largest NOBU hotel in the world. I believe you meant to say "The hotel will also feature the largest NOBU restaurant in the world." I am not being critical as we all make mistakes and this may not even be your fault. I just thought you might want to correct. Take care! Nobu Hotel Las Vegas Opens Its Doors Premium City News 03.04.2013
Not usually as many celebrities don't have much class nor understand quality. Just because one comes into money doesn't mean that they understand what to purchase or not. Does Celebrity endorsements entice you to shop for luxury goods ? Ask The Lounge 07.14.2012
Are you asking if people buy from stores or online and simply had a typo OR is your question incomplete? Assuming the former, in many cases you don't have a choice as many luxury brands protect their retailers/dealers and do not allow on-line sales. Do people buying luxury products from stores or online? Ask The Lounge 07.10.2012
I agree that it is the energy that Manhattan always gets me pumped up. The other best thing is seeing it disappear in the plane's window after I have gotten my fill. Just returned from a FABULOUS trip to NYC. What do you LOVE about the Big Apple? Ask The Lounge 06.14.2012
Being a movie buff, relaxing and watching a movie in my Lumiere Home Cinema. Time is my favorite luxury ... what is yours? Ask The Lounge 05.18.2012
Outer Space! Waaaaay beyond my means, so, I still want to visit New Zealand. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Ask The Lounge 05.11.2012
While Paris is a beautiful and amazing city, France is full of history and other diverse attractions, far too many to discuss in detail here. The French Riviera, Burgandy & Champagne wine country, the Alps, the friendly Brittany areas....all very different. That diversity is what makes France the most popular country in terms of tourist. When you think about France Do you only think about Paris? What else do you know?Recommend? Ask The Lounge 05.06.2012
Thanks for the details. Just curious - a follow-up question.....I noticed that you can request for a post to be considered as an article....does JustLuxe monitor other posts that did not have a request and sometimes decide to turn them into articles? Whats the difference between submitting a guest post and article? Ask The Lounge 05.04.2012
Obviously, it depends on the budget. A spa visit to pamper her is fairly common and fits many budgets....from an hour massage to a weekend retreat! Jewelry, getaways, etc. are always appropriate and also can span across many budgets. What's a Good Luxury Gift for Mother's Day? Ask The Lounge 05.04.2012
Kate Moss and now Anna? They have great taste and deep pockets! Supermodel Anna Selezneva Models Mango 2012 Summer Fashion Women's Style 05.01.2012
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