10 Great Luxury Yacht Charters

Boats & Yachts: Having options is what makes living a luxury lifestyle so special. So, in putting that deluxe principle to practice on the high seas, we are going to swim upstream and get a little nautical with you and talk about luxury yacht charters. There is no way you will end up jumping in the wrong boat with any of these eight yachts.

While talk may be cheap, rest assured chartering any of these vessels is not. Each one is a luxury experience docked and waiting for you and your next fantastic voyage. Fathom that.

1. Truth North: 164-footer
New Zealand, the little country also down under next to Australia has a lot to offer for luxury boating enthusiasts with its offshore islands and great beaches. Add a pinch of world-class cuisine and a bottle or two (or three!) of fine wine and you begin to understand why so many well-traveled Australians see New Zealand as its own private getaway.
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2. Atlantica: 135-footer
Atlantica is among the featured yachts for charter by International Yacht Charters. It is a beautiful 135-footer that is being refitted to pack even more wallop into its onboard amenities for the Caribbean charter season. The yacht is quite utile when it comes to satisfying water-sports enthusiasts in search of ultimate chartering experiences.
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3. Maltese Falcon: 289-footer meters
The Maltese Falcon is more than just the classic mystery movie of 1941, which was based on the 1929 novel of the same name written by Dashiell Hammett, starring Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor and directed by John Huston. Today's Maltese Falcon is an 88-meter clipper yacht that sails at a maximum speed of nearly 20 knots and cruises at 15 knots.

This yacht is so intriguing that we wrote about it twice. In 2007 the cost to charter it for a week was $340,000. Apparently, there is a great demand for it, because the fee to charter the "MF" is now $500,000. Act now!
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4. Passion: 175-footer
Maybe you can't buy love, but you definitely can charter big Passion. Passion is a 175-foot-plus yacht that accommodates 12 passengers who are serviced regally by a crew of 14. Passion is available for charter by the week, cruises the west side of Mediterranean Sea during the summer and the Caribbean in the winter. With a summer charter of the west side of the Mediterranean Sea, it is possible to pass through four neighboring seas, Europe and Africa, and numerous countries, including Morocco, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Greece, and Turkey.
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5--7. SeaDream, Alexander, & Turama: Three 400-footers
Luxury mega-yachts, such as the Alexander and the Turama, both approximately 400 feet long, can house 50 to 60 guests. Both can be chartered for Mediterranean cruises. The SeaDream, with its 55 cabins, has room for up to 110 guests and is available for Mediterranean and Caribbean adventures.
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8. Princess Mariana: 258-footer
Shortly after the Princess Mariana's $12-million refit, the superyacht had to be chartered for a minimum of two weeks. It is now offered on a weekly basis at $650,000, which is a tad under $900,000. This superyacht's most impressive feature is dubbed the Beach Club.
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9. Piano Bar: 165 footer
Named for one of its decks that boasts a bar area featuring a grand piano, the boat offers large staterooms and plenty of room to simply stretch out or play. A variety of watercraft are aboard and with multiple entertaining areas, the boat never feels crowded. There are several outside areas to enjoy including a large lounging area up top, replete with a hot tub; a full-size outdoor kitchen is below on a rear deck.
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10. Shogun: 122-footer
The Shogun yacht, built by Flagship and brokered by Northrop & Johnson is beautiful and elegant. In fact, YachtFest attendees voted this ship "Best in Show." This yacht's name is reflective of its pristine Asian décor. Remodeled in 2008, genuine artifacts fill the ship; centuries-old Japanese armor, helmets and art. Suites share the same theme, light cabinetry throughout is complimented by reds, tan and black. One stateroom that lacks portholes has "window treatments" that replicate daylight flooding the room from behind rice paper shades. The yacht will accommodate up to eight individuals.
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