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TECHgift guide 2013

Price: $7,000

Hasselblad Lunar

With the warmth of deep mahogany and the cold calculating tech that makes a Hasselblad in a league of its own, the Lunar offers a matte finish that enhances grip alongside Optical SteadyShot image stabilisation that promises blur-free images even in less-than-ideal environments.

Price: $1,000

PowerLite Home Cinema 2030

With the ability to display both 2d and 3D in full 1080p resolution, the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 can project images up to 300" and boasts a powerful 2000 lumens.

Price: $4,500

Samsung 65-inch 4K HDTV

See everything more clearly with Samsung?s 65? Class (64.5" Diag.) LED 9000 Series 4k Ultra HD Smart TV. Its sleek design features precision black local dimming and micro dimming ultimate for incredible picture contrasts, color and detail. The new smart hub interface will also easily organize all your favorite content into five easy-to-navigate panels.

Price: $2,300

Luxman iPod Dock

A version of the SQ-N100 model, the new Luxman SQ-N10 vacuum tube integrated amplifier is even better with the same internal characteristics as before but with a dedicated input to accommodate an external docking station. Built with a compact body, the SQ-N10 combines technology and functionality producing superb sound quality without reduction in utility.

Price: $469

350 QX RTF

Who said remote controlled airplanes were strictly for kids? The Blade 350 QX RTF combines all the fun of commanding a quadcopter with a GoPro camera mounted underneath, allowing you to record tons of cool aerial footage. Plus, if you lose sight of your flying gadget, just flip the home switch and it will fly right back to you.

Price: $110


Coin has come up with a way to connect all of your accounts to a single card device - which works exactly the same way as a card. If you're looking for an incredibly unique gift for someone, something that they'll actually use, this is it.

Price: $500

iWallet Slim

For a wallet just like James Bond, this high-tech accessory features a Biometric Fingerprint lock and a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone. It prevents scanning credit cards and cards with RFID chips to keep your information secure.

Price: $399

Lytro 3D Camera

Taking pictures just got a whole lot better with the Lytro camera that lets you create, share and refocus images after you take them. By using the Perspective Shift, users can interactively change focal points and shift the image any direction via your computer or mobile device.

Price: 89,999.89

Full-Size Racing Simulator

Jump behind the driver's seat of a Formula 1 race car with a full or half-size similar from FI Event Management. With realistic force feedback through the steering wheel and a simulated loading effect while cornering, braking and accelerating, participants can see what it feels like to be an F1 driver.

Price: $399

Sense 3D Scanner

The Sense 3D scanner is being called a game changer and once you check out everything it can do, you won't be surprised. All you do is scan something with the device and after picking up the color data, the software will put it together on your computer screen, allowing you to print it immediately with a 3D printer.

Price: $399

Drift Ghost-S

The new Drift Ghost-S action camera takes HD videos that are 1080p at 60fps and 12-megapixel stills, photobursts and time lapses. Plus, the lens is able to rotate 300 degrees, meaning you can record from any angle, and the entire thing is waterproof for up to nine feet below surface level.

Price: $498

Sony DSC-QX100 Smartphone Attachable Lens

Sony basically packed all the usual camera inner workings within the lens, allowing you to use the lens the way you would a full-sized camera. You can shoot videos, snap photos, zoom, program settings, and play with auto-focus, all while syncing the DSC-QX100 to iOS and Android via Wi-Fi.

Price: $329


The "Untitled" leather clutch from Everpurse charges your phone wherever you are. Keeping your device ready throughout the day, this stylish clutch is big enough to hold all the essentials and small enough to pop in a handbag.