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Price: €7,900

Giant Birdsnest

The Giant Birdsnest was created by the OGE CreativeGroup, originally as a "new and inspiring socializing space." It certainly makes for a talking point if nothing else. But beyond that this is a unique and cozy spot to relax, brainstorm or simply be.

Price: $35,000+

Blacklight Pool Table

Quantum Play makes unique and ultra cool game tables and this pool table is no exception. The design boasts a curved steel resin design and there are 27 different lacquered or matte finishes to choose from, as well as several others including copper, leather, "luxury gold," pearly white and more. Buyers can also customize the cloth.

Price: $3,800

Giant Leather Moroccan Pouf

Doubling as a seating area or surface space, the Moroccan Pouf works well in a variety of spaces from the bedroom to the living area. They come in a variety of colors to add a pop to a room and are made from leather that is actually dyed in "centuries-old Moroccan tanneries."

Price: $3,500

Paul McCartney & George Harrison by Henry Grossman

Taken on March 16, 1965, this image of Paul McCartney and George Harrison is one of many available from Rock Paper Photo, for the pop culture enthusiast in your life. Get the 30x40 size, hand-signed, limited edition in a conservation frame for a true piece of icon art.

Price: £395

The Gold Porringer

With a choice between jasmine and fig fragrances, the Golden Porringer by Feu de Beaumont will hold one kilogram of home fragrance. According to the manufacturer the vessel is also refillable with any of the Feu de Beaumont key signature scents, for repeat use. Make it extra special with custom engraving.

Price: $2,495

Driftwood Chair with Shearling Cushion

Elegant and yet rustic, this chair by Restoration Hardware features weathered wood meticulously hand-built and sculpted together to be both a cozy place to sit and a work of art.

Price: $1,500

Multi-Game Set by Horchow

Made in Italy and set in a crocodile-embossed leather box, the Multi-Game Set by Horchow comes complete with a mahogany roulette wheel, 180 chips in holder, a felt game mat, two standard black dice featuring Swarovski crystals, two decks of cards, and five white poker dice.

Price: $125,000

Aphrodite Rocking Lounge Chair

Meant to channel the Greek Goddess of Love, the Aphrodite Rocking Lounge Chair is made from exotic wood and reinforced with hidden metal. The artist who originally designed it did so in 1978 and it is indeed one-of-a-kind.

Price: €3,500

Restored Sparklets Paris Soda Siphon

Die Siphon Manufaktur specializes in restoring authentic 1920s/1930s soda siphons back to their former glory. Back then the The Sparklets Paris Soda Siphon was considered a "special edition," and today is considered very rare. A great addition for any collector.

Price: $13,500

The Sidecar

Moore & Giles partnered with barman Jim Meehan to come up with this beauty. Any guy with a love for good spirits will take immense joy in filling the leather-wrapped bottles with all of his favorites.

Price: $7,300

Kara Grill

The Kara Grill by Cesarré looks more like an art piece than a cooking surface. The shape is made up of two steel black rings and the grill itself uses charcoal. The contemporary look is certainly more stylish than your typical barbeque.

Price: $14,900

Stiga Studio Ping Pong Table

Handmade in the United States, Stiga promises that Studio gives 360-degree free-standing audio through its "QSC CXD series professional processing amplifier, two Kicker 12" Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofers and eight Kicker KS Series 3-way 6x9 speakers."

Price: $425

Visionaire 60 Religion

Limited to only 3,000 numbered copies, the Visionaire 60 Religion, guest-edited by Riccardo Tischi for Givenchy, combines fashion and religion for a very unique 60th issue. According to Tischi, "This collection of work celebrates inner truths, inner dialogues, and moments which words cannot quantify."

Price: $8,895

AMT 885 Adaptive Motion Trainor

Designed for a low-impact workout, the AMT 885 with Open Stride Adaptive Motion Trainer provides users with a variety of cardio workout options, with the ability to adjust from 6.8 to 10 inches. The stride length changes dynamically to target specific muscles and is "proven to burn calories at a higher rate than other cardio equipment."

Price: $299

Moxie Rainhead

The Moxie may not exactly be a lot to look at, but there is more to it than just a great shower. Look closely and you'll find a detachable speaker you can take with you anywhere, including of course the shower. Listen to the latest news, your favorite new band or whatever else gets you going in the morning.

Price: $11,000

Scanomat Top Brewer

Certainly the most minimalist design you can find in terms of counter top coffee dispensing, the Scanomat Top Brewer can be controlled with either your iPhone or iPad, and pour either hot or cold drinks one cup at a time.

Price: AUD$1,796

BaBooShoe Booth

If you love, and simply must own, the best designer shoes, then you probably have way too many pairs and far too little space. One such shoe addict from Australia had her own difficulties finding proper storage for all of her beloved footwear so she went ahead and designed one herself.

Price: $5,245

Vinotemp Wine Dispenser

The winner of Design Journal's 2012 Platinum Award for Design Excellence, the Vinotemp features touch screen controls and a dual zone cooling system for red and white wine. Able to dispense chilled single servings from four open and displayed bottles, it also keeps open wine fresh for several weeks.

Price: $499


Say goodbye to excessive trips to the dry cleaner and wearing out delicate fabrics by washing them over and over. The Swash de-wrinkles, refreshes, restores, and preserves your clothes with just a 10-minute cycle. The gentle system will keep clothes from pilling, fading, and more. Perfect for all of those designer duds that are a pain to get cleaned.

Price: $63,550+

Brown Chronos 4218

Boasting an eight winder watch panel, four drawers and an open shelf, the Brown Chronos 4218 can be made to your exact specifications. A must-have for any horology connoisseur. Finishes can vary anywhere from oil-rubbed bronze or carbon fiber to pearl white or matte gray.