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Visionaire 63 FOREVER

Limited to only 1,500 numbered copies, the Visionaire 63 Forever issue has been described as "indestructible," with the entire magazine made from metal. Visionaire worked with CGI artists to take standard 2D photographs and transform them into 3D reliefs, for this very special edition.

Price: $14,000

The Infrared Supine Sauna

If a perfectly relaxed body could be gifted, this is how you would do it. The Infrared Supine Sauna cradles the user under fours infrared lamps to penetrate deep tissue and soothe muscles down to the core.

Price: €90,000

Stockinger for Bentley

The Stockinger for Bentley safe might just be one of the ultimate collector's accessories. Weighing in at over a 1,000 pounds, the safe will hold up to eight watches and anything else you would like to secure in its three different drawers.

Price: $699

Nespresso Gran Maestria

The Nespresso Gran Maestria is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. Cranking out steaming hot cups of frothy coffee in moments, the machine comes with an attached Aerocinno4 milk frother to make delicious coffee creations.

Price: ?4,500.00

Trafalgar Triple Tantalus Decanter Set

The Trafalgar Triple Tantalus Decanter Set holds three lead crystal decanters and boasts a Macassar ebony and dark stained walnut finish. The beautiful set offers a built-in spirit level indicator and comes with a silver plaque that can be engraved.

Price: $499

Luxury Beer Pong Table

High brow meets the staple of frat parties everywhere with the customized C5 beer pong table by Joseph Mollo. Built to be displayed among regular furniture, the C5 promises to "change the nature of the game" with a "new skeet-shot" technique.

Price: $5,000

Turbo Chef Oven

Cook anything - from fresh asparagus in 45 seconds, a frozen pizza in 90 seconds, to a rack of lamb in 4 minutes, or a Thanksgiving turkey in 42 minutes - with five-star quality.

Price: $3,500

Fiore Chandelier by Seth Parks

The right glass accent can make all the difference within a home and we love the happiness infused into each of Parks' designs. If you really like one of the pieces but have an issue with the size or color, Parks is willing to work with your needs and can customize anything from size to specific colors.

Price: Pricing Upon Request


The Wave-Surf is a hammock designed to take you out of this world. It comes in four colors and is made from stainless steel and batyline. When not being used, its ethereal design will stand out in any stylish home.

Price: $12,000


These futuristic spaces provide luxurious outdoor living solutions for gardens around the world. One of their most creative and opulent offering happens to be a "rotating pod," perfect for enjoying your outdoor space any time of year.

Price: $1,400

Baboo Shoe Booth

If you love, and simply must own, the best designer shoes, then you probably have way too many pairs and far too little space. One such shoe addict from Australia had her own difficulties finding proper storage for all of her beloved footwear so she went ahead and designed one herself.

Price: $5,245

Vinotemp Wine Dispenser

The winner of Design Journal's 2012 Platinum Award for Design Excellence, the Vinotemp features touch screen controls and a dual zone cooling system for red and white wine. Able to dispense chilled single servings from four open and displayed bottles, it also keeps open wine fresh for several weeks.

Price: $25,000

The 1959 Corvette Billiards Table

A pool table modeled after an original Roman Red and Snowcrest White 1959 Chevrolet Corvette, this is the ultimate man's toy. Complete with real chrome bumper to bumper reproductions and gleaming grilles, the table also has working remote-controlled headlights.

Price: ?425

Jackson Cigar Ashtray

Maker of fine furniture and interiors, David Linley's company, LINLEY, makes an elegant walnut cigar ashtray with built in cigar cutter and a compartment for matches. Son of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, the 1st Earl of Snowdon, Linley?s 22-mm-wide box is quintessentially British.

Price: $1,300

Collector's Edition Box Set: Hugh Hefner's Playboy

This ultra-luxe Collector's Edition box set of Hugh Hefner's Playboy Magazine is limited to 1,500 sets, numbered and signed by the man himself. The set houses a six volume anthology highlighting Playboy from 1953-1979, and comes with a piece of his iconic silk robe.

Price: $95,000

Fire Features Bronze Nest

The Fire Features Bronze Nest is cast in bronze, and its branches typically have a diameter of six feet, but can be customized if you want a different size. The perfect addition to the modern home's backyard and certainly a conversation piece.

Price: $850

Déglon Meeting Knife Set

This Déglon Meeting Knife Set is brilliant in that the knives fit together like a nesting doll, keeping those sharp edges flat with the stainless steel block they are kept in. To take a knife out, all you do is press down near the tip of the blade and the handle will lift up.

Price: $350

Un Air de Diptyque Electric Diffuser

The innovative and sophisticated Diptyque utilizes modern technology to diffuse fragrances into the air discreetly. As it evaporates, five aromas fill the room, each representing a symbolic scent. It's small and unassuming look is great for placing anywhere in your home or office.

Price: $179


Monitor your air quality with Netatmo's first Personal Weather Station for iPhone, iPad and Android. With elegant indoor and outdoor devices you'll be able to observe indoor temperature, CO2, noise pollution and humidity in your home. It will also give you real time weather updates directly onto your smartphone device.

Price: $5,000

Irinox Freddy

Designed to industrial equipment standards, the Irinox Freddy will quickly take your freshly cooked food from 194F to 37F 20 times faster than anything else you've got. Once it's "blast chilled" it will last for five to seven days.

Price: $7,999

Dreamwave Chair

The Sogno Dreamwave combines ancient shiatsu healing techniques with modern technology to create an at-home spa experience. The company promises that just one session in the chair will give you a feeling of deep, transcendent relaxation and relief from all your achy muscles.

Price: $199

August Smartlock

The August Smartlock connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and senses when you're approaching your front door, opening the lock for you. You can also give digital keys (as well as revoke them) to your friends and family.