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LIFESTYLEgift guide 2013

Price: $120,000


Lightwieght aviation has been waiting for the Parajet SkyRunner, a hybrid all-terrain buggy and flying machine. Certainly one for the daredevil in your life, the SkyRunner is "aimed at those who seek the ultimate recreational experience."

Price: $690

Payne Mason Platinum Membership

The Payne Mason Cigar Club is an ideal gift for any aficionado. The Platinum Membership requires a six month commitment at $115 p/mo and includes a 12-cigar sampler monthly, plus a 20% discount on Payne Mason products.

Price: $195

Prabal Gurung x M'O Spine Print Deck

Designer Prabal Gurung and shop Moda Operandi teamed up for the ultimate in skater gear this year. This exclusive spine print deck features abstract flowers, bones and floral print in a vivid blue, black and white color palette for the fashionable skateboarder.

Price: $199 per month

Taster's Club Scotch Pro

Want to become a whiskey aficionado? Taster's Club offer a Whiskey of the Month delivered right to your door from distilleries all over the world. Each month you receive a 750ml bottle complete with an informational packet on its flavor, history and region.

Price: Price Upon Request

TechnoGym Run Personal VISIOWEB

Exercising is much easier to do at home when you're entertained, which is why this Run Person VISIOWEB treadmill is so great. Not only will it meet all of your fitness needs, it also has a 19-inch attached screen that works as an integrated television with internet access.

Price: £3,951

Garden Games

Garden Games, with its enormous English willow wicker basket and bridle leather straps comes complete with 15 classic garden games as played at grand country estates. It includes croquet, skittles, boules, badminton, volleyball, quoits and more

Price: $135,000


The ICON A5 boasts the ability to land nearly anywhere, from grassy plains to rivers and lagoons. With the ability to cruise through water, as well as air, the amphibious aircraft features a Seawings design that promises to be safe and easily handled.

Price: $395

Da Vinci Body Board

Designed to combine strength and cardio into one workout, the Da Vinci Body Board is meant for shorter exercise times to build long lean muscles. There's a different routine for each day, and the board is meant to work for any fitness ability.

Price: $1,150.00

Tiroupointe by Hermés

For a luxurious game of pétanque, the Hermès Tiroupointe offers a set of three hand-polished carbon steel balls. Originally created for a 2003 gaming event in Marseille, the set features hand-stitched natural cowhide and the golden Hermès logo.

Price: $200 + $70 p/car

Anki Drive

Anki Drive takes remote controlled cars into the future. Using artificial intelligence, the cars speed around a programmed track, learning the driver's tactics with every race and gaining the ability to make decisions and drive itself.

Price: $2,399

Trikke EV 48v

The Trikke EV 48v is what you want when you're tired of your bicycles, skateboards, and scooters. This electric Trikke is equipped with a long range battery that will have you speeding along at 16mph and give you up to 24 miles on a single charge. There's even a 350 watt motor for when you need to get up steep hills. It may look hefty, but it's actually pretty light at 37 to 46 pounds.

Price: $150,000

The Falconry Companion

The Falconry Companion includes a 20-karat gold-plated perch, hand-carved stands, a leather perch scale, hand-sewn gloves, an anklet, and falcon hoods designed by the world's preeminent hood maker Ken Hooke.

Price: € 8,300

Carbon Fiber Ciclotte

Designed and crafted in Italy, Ciclotte's luxury exercise bike models combine function and esthetic to create something sleek and subtle, sure to fit in any room of the house.

Price: £13,350

Teckell Angolo Foosball Table

As long as you class it up, foosball doesn't have to stay in the college dorm. Teckell's Angolo table has sleek legs made from walnut wood and a crystal clear design that shows the little soccer players from any angle.

Price: $178

East Dane Cocktail Travel Case

The Cocktail Travel Case from East Dane Gifts is a portable cocktail bar for two, made with faux leather. Designed to carry two bottles, a shaker, martini glasses, and various tools, this would be a great gift for any mixologist on the go.

Price: $149

Garmin Head-Up Display

the HUD display includes turn indicators, distance to your next turn, the speed your going and the speed you should be going, and your estimated arrival time to will make your 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO feel like one of the newest luxury models without having to sacrifice its cool retro appeal.

Price: $119 per month

Wine Battles - Cellar Builder

If there's one thing wine connoisseurs love doing - aside from tastings - it's talking about wine with like-minded folk. Wine Battles takes the casual chat one step further and offers the first tournament-style wine game where you can drink, socialize, rate and learn about all different kinds of wine.

Price: $250,000

Jet Capsule

Sure, they can be customized in several ways, from an armored or emergency capsule to a party or taxi capsule, but I just want one to play with. Having initially been conceived back in 2009, the pod-like design now is sleek and fun, offering the public a new way to speed across the water.

Price: Pricing Upon Request

Wider 42

The Wider 42' yacht may remind some of a transformer, only it's way cooler because it's real (sorry, kids). Developed on an idea by Wider President Tilli Antonelli, and interpreted by yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, this day cruiser is versatile with a very open design scheme - so open that the sides extend out in case you want to have a dance party on deck.

Price: $9,946

Vespa 946

The 946 flaunts a design that hearkens back to the very first Vespa prototype from 1946, the MP6 - most notably with the art deco-inspired rear side panels.