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Napa Valley's Cakebread Cellars Reveals Stunning New Visitors Center

Cakebread Cellars, located on Highway 29 in the heart of Napa Valley and beloved for its stellar Chardonnay, Sauvignon...

Mark Herold Wines - from Napa to Sonoma

BY: Jarone Ashkenazi | 2020
Before Mark Herold made his name in both valleys, his love for food exploration and cooking began when he was a child...

Indulge in Luxury Along Yountville's Miracle Mile

BY: Dynie Sanderson | 2020
“Two of Yountville’s Top Hotels in Napa Valley”...

Di-Vine Inspiration at Las Alcobas Napa Valley

Napa Valley boasts a number of luxury hotels poised to take advantage of vineyard views. But none nestles itself so closely...

A Romantic Weekend in Napa Valley

BY: Jarone Ashkenazi | 2019
Napa Valley provides an ideal backdrop for a romantic weekend for travelers to take a breath and unwind and enjoy fine wine,...

Classic Sonoma Luxury at MacArthur Place

Only an hour away from San Francisco, but worlds apart, is where you will find the incredibly charming town of Sonoma. This...

A Stay Worthy of Prose: Our Ode to Poetry Inn Napa

BY: Djani Schafer | 2019
One of the greatest aspects of travel is finding the hidden gem in the place you’re visiting—and, as we just...

Experience Napa Valley from New Heights

BY: Kendall Stoudt | 2018
Napa Valley in northern California is one of the most beautiful places in the world. This region is famous for its rich...

Food and Wine Weekends with the CIA at Copia in Napa

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more dynamic in downtown Napa, up pops new programs at the recently opened Copia center. This spectacular venue--with its own vegetable and herb gardens, glorious vistas, state of the art kitchens, demonstration theaters, exhibit spaces, restaurant, retail shop and an outdoor amphitheater is ready to indulge your passion for food and wine.  

The Ideal Rebecca Minkoff Accessory for Your #ChandonSquad Celebrations

BY: Vicki Arkoff | 2017
As a dedicated fan of sparkling wines from Napa Valley, California, this time of year I’m always giddy with...

Why Napa is Our New Favorite Destination for the Holidays

Home to some of the most beautiful scenery and best wines in the world, it's hard to beat Napa Valley as a vacation...

6 Yountville Hotels to Call Home During Your Next Retreat to Napa Valley

BY: Jill Weinlein | 2017
While noshing your way through some of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in California, you will also want to...
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