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Pikke Allen
Member since: June 29th, 2011
ARTIFICE began as an accidental blog in Paris and has grown into a point of view that is decidedly ...(expand)
Creative Director/Editor in Chief | ARTIFICE ATELIER
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I am excited to announce that I am launching a unique travel magazine that will feature charity fundraising along with travel! I hope you 'll feel free to invite your hotel partners to our magazine platform where we can share their unique qualities to the travelers who like to support charity efforts worldwide. Celebrities Gifted Luxury Vacation Stays At Secret Room Events Gift Lounge Travel 03.08.2014
I can hardly wait for the AMERICAN AIRLINES fleet to be complete! I have been traveling via SWISSAIR to Europe for the past 3 years now as I was totally fed up with the American Airlines experience. Perhaps things are looking up for US air travel! Upgrades and Perks to Expect From New American Airlines Merger Aircraft 07.03.2013
Thank you for mentioning that a woman of 48 is not only sexy, but worldly and talented. Sandra shows us all that getting older is not only sexy, but elegant as well. Bravo! There is nothing wrong with being young, its just not the only way to be! Sandra Bullock Still Sexy At 48 Fashion 07.03.2013
Thank you so much for sharing, what must have been a beautiful exhibit. The Paris Fashion Museum has had its doors closed now for over 3 years, we are all waiting for it to open! Paris Launches Stunning Haute Couture Exhibition Fashion 07.03.2013
I am so glad that this was inspiring for you! This event showcases truly the most beautiful work by the local florists who have a backdrop to work with, and, the retailers also pull out all the stops. Head over to the website at the gardens for more details! Virginia Robinson Gardens Annual Fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Garden Club Lifestyle 06.22.2013
This is such a wonderful idea for a hotel, to combine art, luxury and business, into something that benefits all. I would like to see more hotels envision the cross pollination between artists, and, the residents of a hotel, especially in cities like Paris, where the artist still remains, a poor cousin to this industry. Luxury Hotels With Artists In Residence Travel 06.19.2013
A great summary of wooden hangers, and, as as former wardrobe mistress, I can tell you that the best ones have little notches at the top arms, so that they are useful for women's clothes, which have "hanger loops" all sewn into them. Otherwise, they simply drop off to the floor, and the entire purpose of hanging them is, well, all for nought! Why Wooden Hangers are the Preferred Wardrobe Inclusions Fashion 06.19.2013
You couldn't have picked the more perfect case! Thank you for providing this luxury option as its difficult to navigate among the huge number of cases that are more for show, then protection. This one does both and with great style! The Perfect Apple iPhone Case by Piel Frama Lifestyle 06.19.2013
There were many fashion citations that should have been given out for interpretation of the Laws of Punk, which were generally unsuccessful. I await the return of this Gala event to its luxury and artistic roots. Stars Honor Punk Fashion at 2013 Met Gala Fashion 05.09.2013
What an interesting concept, to make a Media Pack a more engaging and visual experience to share with an audience of advertisers what their target is like. "Lifestyle" is the 'new black' in the world of luxury marketing so to show how the audience is experiencing products or services in this category, is helpful for brands. I believe in the power of video as the new platform, so this indeed should be a powerful tool for your publication. Signe Magazine, a luxury lifestyle publication based in Dubai had recently produced a video to interpret the mood of their audience, do you think its the future of the media pack to give brands the clear idea about the readership lifestyle? Ask The Lounge 05.03.2013
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